Never thought this would happen (Larry Stylinson fanfic)

Harry is deeply in love with Louis but Harry is too scared too tell Louis.So Harry tries his best too write a good enough song too make Louis like him.


20. 20

Abby P.O.V:

We were done shopping and now we are going to Starbucks! I LOVE Starbucks.

beep beep 

I got a text message from Louis?

Lou-"Hey just wondering how you guys were doing,didn't want to call because you love birds need your privacy;)"

Me-"We are doing good and how about you and the boys,are you guys doing good?"

Lou-"Yea,and I have some news..."


Lou-"Me and Niall are dating!"

Me-"Oh my god,after we are done we are going straight home okay!"

Lou-":) Okay"

Harry P.O.V:

"Whats wrong?"

"Louis and Niall are dating."

I nodded and then looked down then back at her like she was crazy.

"What!"I yelled.

She nodded and started to giggle.

Abby P.O.V:

He is so funny when he is mad!

"You are so cute when you are mad!"

"I am not mad I am just shocked that is it."

I nodded and we were finally at Starbucks,I guess we canceled the pizza.


We came back home and right when we parked Louis and Niall came out there and invited us in when we already live here with them.They are so cute!

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