Never thought this would happen (Larry Stylinson fanfic)

Harry is deeply in love with Louis but Harry is too scared too tell Louis.So Harry tries his best too write a good enough song too make Louis like him.


2. 2

Harry P.O.V:

I stripped down and put on my clothes.I only had on boxers.I laid in my bed seeing Louis laying down by me! I looked at Louis with a confused face and remembered he had too sleep with me because the boy's dared us too.I huffed out some breath and fell on my back on the bed.He blushed and looked up and down at my 8 pack and I grinned.I started too giggle and turn around too go too sleep but all of a sudden Louis turned me around.I backed up and fell off the bed.I ran too the living room trying too escape.I ran outside in the pouring rain and I guess he ran out too.I stopped and was trying too catch my breath but Louis caught up too me! I fell on the ground but he helped me up.I reached out too grab his hand so I could get up and right as I got up are lips met and we started too kiss.My body started too tingle and fireworks started too light in my mind as I kissed him in the pouring rain.I pushed him away and we walked hand in hand  in the house.I walked in my room as he followed behind my tracks and we sat on the bed as Louis started too blush and start too laugh as I burst out laughing.We laid back down on the bed.

"Good night Harry"Louis said."I love you"

"Love you too",I closed my eyes and I started too feel rubbing on my back.I turned too see Louis as red as a tomato.I started too laugh and kiss him on the cheek.

"Good night",I said,louder.

"Night",Louis said smiling and snuggling with me as I did the same.We slept peacefully.

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