Never thought this would happen (Larry Stylinson fanfic)

Harry is deeply in love with Louis but Harry is too scared too tell Louis.So Harry tries his best too write a good enough song too make Louis like him.


15. 15

Harry P.O.V:

I looked at the girl who looked about 17 or 18.She looked pretty young.

"She is 18 and we are going to take care of her,"Liam protested.

I nodded at him and looked back at her.

"What's your'e name?"I asked.

"Abby."She said,looking back at the T.V.

I nodded once again.She looked pretty cute.The way her brown eyes were just as bright as Zayn's and the nice brown hair that matched her eyes.She looked perfect.

"Let's talk in the kitchen Mates."I said and walked in the kitchen with the boys.

"Where is she going to go to sleep?"Louis asked and stared at me.

"I don't know,how about me."I said,raising my hand.

Everyone nodded and agreed.I had a smile on my face.

Louis P.O.V:

Alright,Harry has a crush on Abby!It's so obvious.How he stared at her and checking her out when she walked in.I felt confused because he is gay and this doesn't happen with gay boys.Is he becoming straight?I had to talk to Niall.

"Hey Niall,we have to talk."I said,walking to his room.

He followed behind me and we sat on the bed.

"What is it?"He asked.

"I think Harry has a crush on Abby."

He looked down and nodded.

"I know,he told me.We also broke up because we didn't think it was going to work out."

I nodded and pulled him in for a hug.

"I told everyone else that we broke up,"He whispered in my ear as we were hugging.

I nodded and we came back in the living room.When we came back,Harry and Abby were kissing!

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