Kidnapped By One Direction

Sidney Hates One Direction! But What Happens when they kidnap her? Would she hate them more? Will she fall in love With One Of Them? Find out..

Please Give Me Feed back on this so I know to keep going.Thank you.<3


1. Why Me?

&quot;Oh My Gosh Did Here One Directions Coming to San Antonio For A Whole 3 weeks&quot; Two girls shouted. Stupid Girls. Yes I Hate One Direction. My name is Alex, Alex Rodriguez. And I dispise One Direction As You can see. &quot; Shut Up, Im Trying To Listen&quot; I snapped at the two girls behind me. Oh and did I mention Im in class right now. &quot; Stupid Bitch&quot; I heard one of the girls say under her breath. &quot;Oh my god that hurt my feeling so much! Make her say sorry, Sir.&quot; I said Sarcastically Before laughing. After that they gave me really ugly looks but I honestly I could care less what those twits think. &quot; Shhh, other people are trying to listen&quot; Mr.Hammens said before going back to teaching. How could girls go crazy for a stupid boy band like One direction. Just thinking about them makes me want to throw up. &quot;Hey&quot; I turn to my friend Faith. She had pretty dark brown eyes with pretty brown wavy hair. &quot; Hey&quot; I say Back to her. &quot;Oh my Gosh One Direction is coming&quot; She said while grinning devilishly. I wonder whats shes up to.? And theres only one thing I dont like about her she is obssesed with One Direction. But I got to admit they are incrediably Hot ALL OF THEM.&quot; Why are you smiling like that? Its freaking me out!&quot; I say While laughing. &quot; I Got two tickets to the One Directions Concert......and your coming with me&quot; She said but mumbiling the last part but just loud enough to hear her. My Eyes Widen &quot; There Is No-&quot; I said Befoe She Cuts Me Off &quot; Please I dont want to go alone&quot; she said giving me the puppy dog face she knew I cant resist. &quot;Fine&quot; I say before giving in. &quot; Yes! Okay Its Tommorow Night So Meet Me After School Kay&quot; she said loudly before skipping away. *TOMMOROW NIGHT AT FAITHS HOUSE* &quot; Ready?&quot; she asked. &quot; Yeah This Is Going to be the best night of my life!&quot; I say sarcastically. She rolls her eyes and gets in the car. Somethimg was bothering me I felt like Something really bad was going to happen to me tonight but I Just dont know what........ A/n Sorry its short but I got To Hop in the shower. Ill Right Again Tommorow But 2 or 3 chapters Okay Goodnight Loves&lt;3
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