Kidnapped By One Direction

Sidney Hates One Direction! But What Happens when they kidnap her? Would she hate them more? Will she fall in love With One Of Them? Find out..

Please Give Me Feed back on this so I know to keep going.Thank you.<3


3. I Knew I Would Regret It!

They All Look At Eachother And Smileing Devilishly. &quot; I Was Hoping You Would Say That&quot; Harry Said. I was scared what they were going to me, Beat me? Rape Me? I shouldnt have said anything. WHY DO I HAVE SUCH A BIG MOUTH!? I yelled in my mind. The guys walked out but I knew they were going to do something to me because I over heard them talking. Harry's P.O.V. &quot;What should we do to her guys&quot; I say smiling. Louis mumbled something but I couldnt hear him. &quot; How about we take turns doing what we want to her but for only for 40 min&quot; Liam said. I was suprised that Liam went along with this. He changed ever since Danielle and him broke up. I nodded. &quot; Okay then , Who goes first?&quot; Liam Asked Looking Around. &quot; First Louis, Then Liam, Then Zayn, Then Me, Then Niall.&quot; Why Do I Have To go last?&quot; Niall complained.&quot; Cause I dont want to go last&quot; I say. &quot; Fine. Asshole&quot; He said while mumbling the last part. &quot; Your first Lou. Ill call you when your time is up&quot; I say To louis. He nodded and went into Alex's room. Louis P.o.v. I cant believe the guys kidnapped her I told them not to but they didnt listen as usual. &quot; Please dont hurt me!&quot; Alex said hiding in the corner. &quot; Dont Worry Im not going to hurt you&quot; I say trying trying to calm her. &quot; Then why did you kidnap me? &quot; She asked codly. &quot; I didnt want to the guys did, they saw you a few days ago and they all thought you were beautiful I did so to they decided to kidnap you but I didnt want to get you like that but they didnt listen to me when I told them not to kidnap you.&quot; I said to her. She looked at me for a while then ran to me and hugged me. Alexs P.O.V. I knew Louis was telling the truth because his eyes showed he was. Oh god his eyes they are so beautiful and his face is so gor- SHUT UP ALEX ! YOUR NOT FALLING FOR HIM NO! HE IS YOUR KIDNAPPER! YOUR NOT SUPPOSE TO LOVE HIM BUT ITS FEELS SO RIGHT TO I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!GOD HELP ME PLEASE! A/N Sorry its short! CAN YOU PLEASE COMMENT! IF YOU WANT ME TO KEEP GOING I NEED 2 COMMENTS FROM 2 DIFFRENT PEOPLE! PLEASE THANK YOU!C:
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