Kidnapped By One Direction

Sidney Hates One Direction! But What Happens when they kidnap her? Would she hate them more? Will she fall in love With One Of Them? Find out..

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2. Chapter 2


Hey My butterfly's! I'm Sorry that I Haven't Published My Mom Took My Phone away So This Might Be Short. I will try to do one tommorow. Ill write better to promise.and I tried fixing the quote thing so hopefully it stops.

*At The Concert* 

While All these girls are just screaming over guys who's Trying to get noticed but they never will and Im here trying not to get noticed but I could just feel eyes staring at me. But I just thought I was paranoid so I just ignored it and just stayed sitting down.


" Sidney I Need Food NOW!!!" Faith screamed at me. "Okay okay " I say trying to calm her. " I want pizza and its just around the corner race ya!" She said Screamed while running down the street. I didn't feel like running so I just stayed walking. As I continued walking I heard someone behind so I turned around but saw nothing. I turned around and kept walking but then I heard the footsteps again so I started jogging but then the foot steps came closer so then it turned it running but then I tripped. I tried getting up as fast as I could but then everything went black. 



I wonder where Sidney Is. Ehh she's probably still walking knowing that lazy ass.

* The Next Day*

Sidney's P.O.V

I woke up in a white room my head pounding at my skull. Where the hell am I? "What the hell Niall why did you kidnap her!?" I heard a low british voice say, pulling me out of my thoughts. " Because She doesn't like the band and we are going to make her like us one way or another!" I heard an Irish Accent boy say. I heard foot steps coming closer to my room but before I could act like I'm still asleep I saw five guys coming in through my door and I knew exactly who they were One Direction. Now I have a reason why I hate them more than ever right now. " Hey Beautiful Your Finally Up" Zayn said. " Don't Call me Beautiful" I snapped at him. " Ahh Guys This One Is Going To Be hard" I heard Niall Say. " Well Im Harry and This Li-" "I Know Who You Are But I Like To Represent you as the stupid gay boys!" I snap back. I started laughing but all of them looked at me with darkness in their eyes and Right then I Knew Something Really Bad Was about to go down. " Behave or we will have to punish you"I heard Liam Say. " And what exactly are you going to do about that!" I Snapped back and I Knew That I was Going to regret what I just said.......

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