taken by that one thing

a nineteen year old rich girl is what they think of her her name is nubia her bestfriends nancy ,tontitorn and alexandra, her dad is a music producer but what will happen when her dad becomes one directions manager ? read to find out :)


9. things turn around

                                                                     tontitorn's p.o.v

my mouth was wide open when we got to the resturant it was no ther than The Bazaar this place is really expensive place i just hope he will  be able to  pay for the bill i wonder why he brought me to such a fancy and expensive place for dinner it made me very suspicious well anyways we were led to the table by a waitress who i think seem to notice that i was with none other then harry styles she was all over him but i wasn't mad because he's not my boyfriend yet ;) we got to our table and harry grabbed my chair and gave me the sit down look and pushed my chair in closer to the table he then sat down himself we ordered our food i wanted to eat healthy so i just ordered a salad i wasn't really that hungry harry ordered a steak i could tell that he's hungry we ate our food and then desert came i order a red velvet cake and so did harry ,"so harry why did you decide to take me to dinner today ?" i said "because i need to ask you something"he said " oh really ? and what is it that you need to ask ?" i said " tontitorn i know we've only know each other for a couple of days but i want to ask you to be my girlfriend ?" harry said " well i do feel the same way so yes ill be your girlfriend" i said " yes!! well shall we go ?" he said " we shall" i said 

                                                     niall's p.o.v

when we went outside to the car there was a whole bunch of paparazzi outside great i just wish i could be normal for once without anyone trying to find out about my personal life i took nubia's hand in mine it was so soft and small there was paparazzi taking picture's every where and asking a whole bunch of question's like ,are you guys dating?, is that your girlfriend niall ?, once we got to the car i opened the door for nubia she got in and i went to the other side any got in too , " so where do you wanna go ?" i asked her " do you wanna go to your place or my place ?" she said " well lets just go back to my place you can spend the night if that's ok with you ?" i said " sure why not it will be fun " she said  

                                                alexandra's p.o.v

me and nancy decided that we would watch toy story i went ot the kitchen while nancy put on the movie i was gonna make some popcorn i put the popcorn in the microwave and went back to the living room where nancy was struggling to put the movie on so i decided to help her once we finally figured out how to put the movie in i went to the kitchen to get the popcorn i opened the microwave and poured the popcorn into a bowl i went into the living room where the movie was already playing half way into the movie nancy fell asleep so i decided to go to bed to i went upstiars into my room got into my pj's and laid in bed and went to sleep i was out like a light


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