taken by that one thing

a nineteen year old rich girl is what they think of her her name is nubia her bestfriends nancy ,tontitorn and alexandra, her dad is a music producer but what will happen when her dad becomes one directions manager ? read to find out :)


1. something missing

well what can i say my name is nubia ortega the daugther of a very famous music producer , i grew up in Yuma,AZ very small place by the way,my best friends are alexandra,nancy,michelle and tontitorn there my only true frieds they were the ones that comforted me when my mom died, im pretty much just a normal teenage girl im 19 which means im out of high school , i work for my dad im his secatary he insisted that i get a job so he offered me one,  i  currently live in los angeles with my four best friends my dad bought us a mansion . i have to say that i am kinda spoiled , i have too much clothes and so do all of my best friends we all go shopping together almost every week since we live together.i pretty much have the life that any 19 year old would ever want but there still something missing it must be that i misss my mom she died when i was 15 years old she was beautiful i could see what my dad saw in her she was just the sweetest thing ever she was the best mom that a girl could have but unfourtunately god decided that it was her time to go maybe that was it i had everything that i could ever want but it still wasnt enough because it was her i missed i saw how the other girls at my school would always hug there mom's and it made me think how i couldn't hug my mom anymore i would give anything in the world just to hear her voice again or to see her and hug he again for one last time.

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