taken by that one thing

a nineteen year old rich girl is what they think of her her name is nubia her bestfriends nancy ,tontitorn and alexandra, her dad is a music producer but what will happen when her dad becomes one directions manager ? read to find out :)


5. is this really happenening?

                                                                        alexandra's p.o.v

i woke up thenext morning turns out that me and liam slept in the same bed i had only know him for 5 hours turns out last night somethings happened liam asked me to be his girlfriend he said that he really liked me from the second he saw me he said that when he saw me his heart was racing and he thinks that im the most beautiful girl that he's ever seen but i dont think that's true i've always felt like i wasnt the pretty one in the group of my besties i mean tontitorn she's athletic and just sweet and nice and pretty nancy she is out going fun and the cutest thing ever michelles the innocent one with a dark side but just gorgeous and nubia my bestest friend ever the short and kind one who always was in ballet and gymnastics she has a really good personality and shes beautiful as well as i said in p.e in the seventh grade she's the full package but me i dont know how to describe myself if liam thinks im pretty then i must be what he says i am

                                                                              nubia's p.o.v

i woke up the next morning with niall's around my waist with him i just felt so safe but everytime i hug him michael crosses my mind i was with michael for two years when i finally just told him it was time for us to be apart forever but he won't leave me alone he's and obssesed ex niall then woke up and kissed me on the cheek he said that he had to ask me something " nubia i know that we havent know each other long bu ti really like you and i need you to be mine will you do my the favor of being my girlfriend ?"niall said "well i do feel the same way and im willing to give love another chance even though i've been hurt many times so the ansewer is yes yes i will be your girlfriend" i said he then jumped up in gratitude and kissed me on the lips and went to go tell liam i wonder how im going to tell alexandra i then walked dowmstairs to the kitchen where alexandra was starting to make breakfast i decided to help her she then told me that she's going out with liam i told her about me and niall she was just thrilled then niall and laim came downstairs i as making pancakes while alexandra set up the table then niall came up behind me and put his hands on my waist and kissed my neck i served the pancakes and tontitorn and nancy and zayn and harry and michelle and chris came downstirs to eat when we were done we just hung out for a while but then the boys had to leave so then niall gave me a big hug and kiss and told me to call him and text him and then the boys left .


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