taken by that one thing

a nineteen year old rich girl is what they think of her her name is nubia her bestfriends nancy ,tontitorn and alexandra, her dad is a music producer but what will happen when her dad becomes one directions manager ? read to find out :)


6. getting closer

                                                                                nubia's p.o.v

once niall and the boys left i went to go take a shower i felt really dirty for some reason once i got out of the shower i change into my hollister ripped jeans and my black and white stirped flowy shirt and my black vans and put on a little bit of make up i went downstairs to the living room alexandra,nancy and tontitorn were sitting down on the couch talking i sat down next to nancy on the couch i asked all of the girls if the wanted to go shopping maybe we could talk about what happened last night i was to busy with niall yestereday that i didnt pay attention to my girls , we went in my car its a purple mustang with a white stripe down the middle purple is my favorite color by the way.

                                           alexandra's p.o.v

when we got to the mall we decided to go to hot topic since i like to shop there i got a new shirt from my favorite band asking alexandra yes its a real band by the way next we went to forever 21 i saw that nubia & nancy had there whole hands full of clothes were rich any ways so we dont really have to worry about the budget , as the girls were getting clothes i thought about what happened with my and liam yestereday i couldn't forget the fact that i was freaking liam payne's girlfriend once the girls finished shopping we went to the food court at the mall .

                                             no one's p.o.v

*when the girls sat down to eat*

nubia: so what happened bewteen you and zayn huh nancy ? *wink*

nancy: well nothing really we just talked he seems like a really nice guy but i dont think that he's interested in me

alexandra:well i think he is your a beautiful girl and well if he dosen't like you then he's stupid

tontitorn: yeah what alexandra said im pretty sure he likes you i mean look at the way he looks at you

nubia: so tontitorn anything happen with you and harry *wink*

tontitorn: for your info. yes something did happen he told me he likes me but i got choked up and i didnt say anything and i think i ruined my chance to be with him

nancy: oohh thats rough *food in her mouth*

nubia: welll talk to him and tell him youy feel the same way im pretty sure you'll have a chance when you tell him

tontitorn: thxs for the advice

nubia: no problem thats what best friends are for arent they

nancy: so nubia what happened with you and  niall *wink*

nubia: well im his girlfriend now and we slept together not in the gross way we just slept in the same bed and well yeah

tonti&nancy: awww thats so cute

alexandra: and well im liams girlfriend and we slept in the same bed too

tontitorn: im happy for you too and i think we should go home now i kinda wanna take a nap

nancy: yeah im stuffed and im ready for a nice power nap

nubia: kk lets go

*the girls leave get home and fall asleep for a couple of hours*

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