taken by that one thing

a nineteen year old rich girl is what they think of her her name is nubia her bestfriends nancy ,tontitorn and alexandra, her dad is a music producer but what will happen when her dad becomes one directions manager ? read to find out :)


4. getting along ?

" umm seems like you two are getting along quite well "  harry said "oh sorry guys i just really got  caught up in our converstation" i said "so you guys want to go out anywhere out to eat ?" niall said " im up for it but you guys dont mind if i invite my besties do you?" no the guys said "k good ima go call them" ok they said *phone converstation* nubia:hey alex meet me at the never ending paradise resturant tell the girls too,alex: umm ok ?but why ?, nubia: i have a surprise for you guys, alex: oooh yay !!!! i love surprises anyways ok bye ,nubia: kk bye *end of conversation* "so you guys wanna get going?" i asked "sure but were are we going ?" niall asked " a resturant called never ending paradise it's a really good place to eat " i said " ok were trusting you " liam and louis said, we went in my dads limo i was surprise that no paparazi's where there when we went inside i found alexandra,tonti,and nancy but not michelle turns out she was out with her boyfriend chris my nesties all looked so beautiful " so here is your guy's surpise as i pointed to one direction" they were all starting to fan girl but i calmed them down and introduce them to one direction then we aked for a table and the waiter led us to the table niall sat next to me and zayn sat next to nancy and liam sat next to alexandra and harry sat next to alexandra louis sat next to me and niall we all ordered food and started to talk to each other its seems that alexandra and liam were getting along quite well i was happy for her after what that horrible guy jesse did to her i was afraid that she wasnt ready to talk to boys again, when we were done with our food niall came up with the idea that we should have a sleep over everybody agreed that it was a good idea so we went back to mine and the girl flat when we arrived all of the boy's mouth were hanging open we all got off the car and went inside mine and the girls flat we decided to watch toy story becuase liam insisted we'd watch it i went up stairs to change in my pj's but when i went back downstairs liam and alexandra hmmm wonder where they are i didnt wanna worry about it ill let them have fun ;) 30 min. into the movie everybody was asleep except for me and niall asked him if he wouldnt mind sleeping with me he said "ok" we went upstairs into my room and i gave him a pair of sweat pants and a shirt that i had from my ex-boyfriend michael i then went under the covers and laid down so did niall he pulled me closer to him so we were cuddling this was offically the best night of my life .

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