taken by that one thing

a nineteen year old rich girl is what they think of her her name is nubia her bestfriends nancy ,tontitorn and alexandra, her dad is a music producer but what will happen when her dad becomes one directions manager ? read to find out :)


2. dad's new clients

                                                                             nubia's p.o.v

i woke up about 6:30 am i have to be at work by 7:30 am i took a quick shower and put on my black lace dress with the open back and my turquoise heels i curled my long black hair and put on my make up i know that i dont need makeup but i wear it anyway because if i dont i look really pale because im super white it was 7:20 when i was done getting ready i got my car keys and my purse and headed out the door when i got to work i had about five minutes to spare so i went to the lounge room then i went to my office then i saw my dad come in by the way my dad's name is raul ortega his recording company is called one in a million ," i have new client's today and i want you to meet them"he said . "okay dont i always meet your clients ?" i said "yes but these clients are special" he said " ok dad???" he then left to his office 10 minutes later he called me in his office and told me his new clients were coming so i stood next to him and waited for them to arrived 2 minutes later they arived they were none other then one direction !!!!! the were the hot british band that i adored and the best part was the i got to shake all of their hands i could die right here and when niall shook my hand and kissed it and  winked at me i was ready to faint . i had a big soft soft for niall but i know that my best friend alexandra likes him to so i wont get involed with him without her permission but who know he probably dosen't even like me :( but for now ill just enjoy the moment

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