enough to make you stay

my name is Amanda Cowell. My parents were killed in a tragic accident so my uncle Simon Cowell decided to adopt me .my life has its ups and downs. I was always bullied in school. I have long brownish black hair, I am 18, I am half Chinese half English, I now live in LA, i am 1.65m tall. my uncle Simon treats me like I'm his actual daughter. I'm a directioner so I'm very lucky but I've been busy lately so i haven't seen the boys yet.

* authors note*
hey everyone this is my first movellas so its not that great. I'll try to update often but i have a lot of homework and exams coming up. so NO HATE


1. coming home


Amanda pov:

"I can't believe he gave us so much homework and it's nearly the end of the school year"said Alicia

Alicia is one of my best friends but she talks too much sometimes. We were walking home after having a chemistry lesson it was nearly summer and I had no plans made. Alicia was going to Spain for the holidays and Hannah was in Canada so I guess i was alone. my uncle Simon was in somewhere around the world. He adopted me when my parents died 10 years ago. He comes home about once or twice a month but i'm fine with it i mean like he buys me clothes  he makes sure the fridge is always full so i wont get hungry.he also gave me a limo and my own driver to take me places and to top it all off we live in a mansion what more would a teenage girl want.

when i got home i decided to get something to eat and do my homework then watch some t.v and then get some dinner and then go to sleep. then my phone started playing OWOA my ringtone for Simon. he texted me saying.

"Coming home tonight but don't wait up. see you in the morning i have a surprise for you . love you lots my princess.bye xoxoxo"

i replied:

"Okay see you in the morning then. bye miss you"

so after i did everything i needed to do i changed into my favorite pj's and got into my bed i heard voices down stairs so Simon was home but i was too tired to see him.

Niall's pov:

we arrived at this amazing mansion. i was very hungry so i told Simon when him and the rest of the boys were in the limo. he said i could eat when we were in the house but too keep quite i nodded.we were still in the limo simon was talking to us and told us to be quiet when we went inside so we didn't wake Amanda up. i wasnt sure who she was but i could tell simon cared about her a lot. Simon told us to not ask her what happened to her parents as they died thats why simon adopted her . He also said that none of us could date her. we all looked at harry. "i cant help it if shes hot" exclaimed harry. simon shot him a death glare. we finally got to go inside to house. it was a magnificent house it looked stuning. i ran to the kitcen to get food i checked the frindge it was fulled with microwavealbe meals and fresh produce. i decided to have the last lasange. i popped it into the microwave anfter i finished eating simon told us where our rooms were since we would be staying here for summer break. we placed all our stuff in our rooms did the esstials and went to sleep.

Simons pov:  

i told the boys that i have somethings to do in london and that they had to look after Amanda. i hate that i have to travel so much but its part of my job. i'm leavingtomorrow night so that i get some time with her. i knew she loved One Direction soo it wouldnt mater too much. i also gave the boys the TALK as in no dating Amanda. Protecting Amanda and don't ask about her parents.


*authors note*

sorry its a bit crapy but its my first .xoxoxo




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