enough to make you stay

my name is Amanda Cowell. My parents were killed in a tragic accident so my uncle Simon Cowell decided to adopt me .my life has its ups and downs. I was always bullied in school. I have long brownish black hair, I am 18, I am half Chinese half English, I now live in LA, i am 1.65m tall. my uncle Simon treats me like I'm his actual daughter. I'm a directioner so I'm very lucky but I've been busy lately so i haven't seen the boys yet.

* authors note*
hey everyone this is my first movellas so its not that great. I'll try to update often but i have a lot of homework and exams coming up. so NO HATE


3. authors note

 sorry guys cant update.

have a science exam next week


 have a competition for a

co writer so comment  

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