Shoot Me Down (A One Direction/X-Men Fan-Fiction)

They were 3 cousins.Vanessa, Janelle, and Angelica. They were different.They were mutants, so they ended up being shipped across the pond to New York to go to a special place. The Xavier Institute for The Young And Gifted. Little did they know what or whom awaits there. They will find love, heart aches, and suffer. But worse...they'll find out that the most normal things are the things that are actually completely out of the ordinary.


1. Meet The Characters

        Hello there peasants! Haha just kidding! Anywhore, the name's Angelica Wilson, which is completely opposite of who i actually am. My friends call me Angie but my parents insist on calling me Angelica.  I'm 19 years old and i blew out the candles November 18th. Me and my other two cousins are always together. Maybe that's because we're the only people who know what each of us is going through. I love Janelle and Vanessa. I also love One Direction! lolz I'm going to marry Liam Payne by the way so girls keep away or my claws will come out... literally...  Anywhore, i think my family is disgusted and/or scared of me. Maybe that's why there sending me across the pond to New York. To the Xavier Institute For the Young and Gifted. What i have isn't a gift to me but rather a curse. Well that's life for you. Oh yeah and thats me up there. Brown Hair and Brown Eyes....Just like Liam *le sighs* Well gotta flash! MWAH and RAWR!


 My name is Janelle. Janelle Lopez to be exact. Don't wear it out. I love snapbacks. I can get cocky a lot. My cousins are Angelica and Vanessa. Water is my weakness. Cause you know fire and water don't go together? Anyways I love them. I have a small crush on Harry but I can't tell him that considering i might not get the chance to meet him. Anyways I'm 18 years old and i blow out the candles January 18th. Anyways that's me peace



Hiya! My names Vanessa Zuniga. I'm 18 and my birthday is March 23rd, Mexican mixed with Irish, I know.. weird combo, right? Well, my favorite color is BLUE, AND NEON GREEN. OMFG NEON GREEN. Sorry, i like green... Uhm, I eat a lot, but manage to stay skinny. I have a power. Mhm, Yeh. XRAY VISION! I can see thru you. Not your bones, but what you're feeling. It's weird actually... Uhm, basically THAAATSSSS ITTTT! Bye y'all!




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