Shoot Me Down (A One Direction/X-Men Fan-Fiction)

They were 3 cousins.Vanessa, Janelle, and Angelica. They were different.They were mutants, so they ended up being shipped across the pond to New York to go to a special place. The Xavier Institute for The Young And Gifted. Little did they know what or whom awaits there. They will find love, heart aches, and suffer. But worse...they'll find out that the most normal things are the things that are actually completely out of the ordinary.


9. Chapter 7

~Before She Found Out~

**Janelle's POV**

Harry wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked to me and the girls room,but he stopped in front of the door and let his arm drop and he scratched the back of his head.
"When you asked earlier what I could do, I didn't want to answer because I know for a fact you'll hate me. " The smile that was placed on my face fell off.
"I  can inluence people..." I scrunched my eyebrows and he looked down. Then it hit me like a baseball got hit by a bat.
"You can seduce people basically..." His head shot up and he shook his head.
"No!It's not like that, it's more of an influence...i can lean them towards something...even if the other person doesn't want to be influenced they can't fight it..." He said softly and i shook my head.
"Have you used it on me?" I asked him and he stayed silent. I pushed him away and walked off to my dorm room angrily. He was following behind me and calling my name. I ignored him and continued walking.I opened the dorm room and saw Angie getting her bag .She looked behind me seeing a hard breathing Harry. She immediately left the room,leaving us alone.
" I didn't want to tell you because this was going to happen, but decided to say something because I care about you!" He immediately shouted to me.
" Well I can't trust you!" I shot back at him.
" Why not?! I swear I never used it on you!" As if, i scoffed mentally laughing at this horrendous lie of his.
" Oh really,so the guy who's 'power' is seduction,never used it on me to get me to like him?" I retorted back and his face softened as he walked closer to me.
" When you say it like that you make it look bad but in truth that's not what really is. It's an influence on people and i promise I've never used it on you." He held my hands in his and that's when I heard something come from the bathroom. We both looked to the bathroom and started walked towards it. We walked and stared at the girl in the bathroom. Vanessa.
" Oh Hey guys what's up,Oh will you look at the time I gotta go." She said immediately rushing out of the bathroom and room. We both ran after her to see her with Niall in the end of the hall. She saw us and began running but then stopped. We caught up with her and she turned around to face us.
"You weren't lying when you told her that." She said softly to us,earning a scoff from me
"Van, he could be influencing you to believe that!" I told her but she shook her head,unconvinced.
"He can't control emotions Jan, he can only influence. As if he was a consciousness. Leading you towards something." She told me softly and I looked to Harry,he had a strike of hurt in his eyes.
"I won't believe it till I actually have proof. Besides i'm late for training. So are you Vanessa." I mumbled and began walking away/
"I have got to go too. Got training as well." He mumbled and i turned my head to see him walking the opposite direction of me.

I walked over to the training room I was assigned in and found Pyro there waiting. He was sitting on the floor and he stood up.
"Well thanks for finally showing up..." he said with a smirk plastered on his face causing me to just roll my eyes.I walked to where he was and he told me to stay put. I stood in the back of the room at the centre as Pyro was across, standing next to a mannequin.
“For your first exercise,” He pointed to the mannequin and walked around it.
“You have to hit the target in the chest area,..” He moved back away from the doll and looked to me with firm eyes. “Focus your energy in the centre of your hands, and when your ready to unleash the power just think about the target by it self. “ He informed me and I felt the heat of my fire at the palms of my hands and once I knew the fire was officially ignited both physically and mentally, I instantly let the fire pour out as I aimed for the mannequin. I felt the rage flare in my eyes as the power shot out. As I stopped my self from carrying on I noticed the mannequin wasn’t even scorched at all. Instead the walls were covered in flames and dying down and Pyro was on the floor. My eyes widened and I ran over to him, sliding down the floor. He groaned and laughed lightly.
“Same thing happened to me first time around…” He said pushing his body up off the floor and standing up. He put his hand out for me and I grabbed it as he pulled me up.
“You’ll get it after a while…Just takes a bit of practice…” He said and he walked me to the side where he was first at and he walked over to where I was standing previously.
”Watch and learn…” He smirked as he showed off his accuracy of aim and hit the target spot on. 

"That's how it works..."


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