Shoot Me Down (A One Direction/X-Men Fan-Fiction)

They were 3 cousins.Vanessa, Janelle, and Angelica. They were different.They were mutants, so they ended up being shipped across the pond to New York to go to a special place. The Xavier Institute for The Young And Gifted. Little did they know what or whom awaits there. They will find love, heart aches, and suffer. But worse...they'll find out that the most normal things are the things that are actually completely out of the ordinary.


8. Chapter 6

**Van's POV **

        I stared at the boys as there were speaking with Scott.I asked him what he could do and he didn't answer,instead Scott called to them. It couldn't be that bad... Could it? I stared at them and he tensed up he then looked to me and smiled. It was fake. His emotions were all over the place. He was terrified.Scared.Love. The last one got me in shock.Love? He didn't love me did he? I mean Yeah we were dating but for merely an hour or two so far, but still. I kept watching them curiously until someone touched my shoulder. It was Jean.
" Hi Vanessa , you should go get ready,we decided to train lightly today.See where your class would be." She said smiling and I nodded and thanked her walking to our room.

        I opened the door and I saw Jan and Ang getting ready. Angie looked like a kick ass boxer and Janelle looked like she could easily burn something if she wanted to.
" Where you been,get ready fast!" Janelle shouted to me and I threw my hands up in defense saying sorry. I walked to the closet and pulled put some sports wear.

As I got ready I heard someone screaming outside the bathroom. I finished getting ready and got out it was Janelle and Harry. Angie wasn't here. I didn't out myself instead I stayed hidden in the bathroom keeping the door cracked.
" I didn't want to tell you because this was going to happen, but decided to say something because I care about you!" He yelled to her. What didn't he want to tell her?
" Well I can't trust you!" She shot back at him.
" Why not?! I swear I never used it on you!" Used what on her someone scream useful info please!
" Oh really,so the guy who's 'power' is seduction,never used it on me to get me to like him?" Shit... he could influence people.
" When you say it like that you make it look bad but in truth that's not what really is. It's an influence on people and i promise I've never used it on you." He held her hands and me being me I sneezed.
        They both looked to the bathroom and started walking towards me. I mentally cursed as they both walked in and stared at me.
" Oh Hey guys what's up,Oh will you at the time I gotta go." I ran in between them and out of the room before they could interrogate me.

        I looked back to see if they were still behind me but instead I clashed into someone falling on my bum. I shook my head and looked across from me.Niall was on the floor as well. We looked at each other and started laughing, but then we stopped. Niall was about to say something until i heard my name being shouted. It was Harry and as i got up to run i felt a pang of emotion. I stopped.
"You weren't lying when you told her that." I turned to them. Jan just scoffed.
"Van, he could be influencing you to believe that!" I shook my head. He couldn't do that.
"He can't control emotions Jan, he can only influence. As if he was a consciousness. Leading you towards something." I told her. She just shook he head and Harry looked hurt.
"I won't believe it till I actually have proof. Besides i'm late for training. So are you Vanessa." Janelle told me and walked off. Harry just shook his head.
"I have got to go too. Got training as well." He mumbled and walked off leaving me and Niall.
"Niall what's your power?" He looked down.
"I'll show you in the training room." We then walked towards the gym. He was nervous of showing me his skill but why?

**Angie's POV**

        I heard someone coming down the hall too our room. It was Harry, so i ran out before things could get awkward. And i mean i literally ran. As i was running I wasn't paying attention to which direction I was heading in. I then felt my head collide into someone and me falling on top of them. But wait there's more! We ended up kissing. My eyes shot open and I saw Liam with a shocked look on his face as well. I got up off of him breaking our awkward kiss. 
"Oh my God! I am so sorry! I rea-" That's when Liam placed his lips on mine. I was shocked but I instantly fell into the kiss. He placed a hand on my hip and my hand was on his neck. He then pushed me against the wall where we continued to snog for another couple of minutes until someone interrupted us. Liam immediately pulled away and i felt my face get redder than a tomato...Logan...
"I kids should be in a room not in a public place." My face and Liam's both flushed at Logan's words.
" Ugh, dont you have someone to teach? Or kick ass with?" I said in an ignorant tone.
" Well, i had to go look for her, and oh look here she is! You." He told me and i groaned causing Liam to laugh.
" Go to training we'll see each other after wards, yeah?" He asked me and i smiled and nodded.
        We began walking towards a room which looked like a gym. But when we walked in it was a simulator. "Logan, why am I here?" I asked the 'Wolverine'.
"We need to see how far you can go into battle. And how well you can defend yourself." He told me walking away. I looked around the room and saw Professor X and Beast in a dome in the room.
"What am I supposed to do now?" I shout to no one in particular.
" This simulator will help you. As if it was real, you are able to die. So please focus." Beast told me and i nodded my head. Joy. First day here and I can already die! Wow such fun. -_-
"The environment is going to be a war zone of not too many people. They will try to attack and kill you. Do not hesitate to kill them. After all, its fake." He added. Yeah but i can still get injured. Fake my ass. I thought and I saw the Professor crack a smile. Shit, he read my memories.
"Yes I did Angelica...Now remember...its all about survival." He spoke in my mind.


        The simulator began and it was a whole new environment. I couldn't see the dome they were in anymore. All i saw was an area which seemed to be deserted. I extended my claws ever so slowly as i walked with caution. I heard a rustling about a few feet ahead so i decided it would be smarter to hide.I hid in the woodsy area as the 'sims' as i like to say came out. All having knives in there hand. I moved around in the trees quietly getting behind the closest one, and while his crew 'sims' weren't looking I quickly jabbed my claws into his chest, slicing him in half... His fake heart fell to the floor. The others quickly turned to the sound of there dead member falling. I quickly hid. They all raised there knives. I climbed the tree quietly yet slowly. I then jumped in the middle of all them. They turned there heads to me immediately. Their were a total of four left. Boxing me in. The one to my top right corner came lunging in quickly, but he wasn't quick enough. My claws cut his head off letting it roll freely on the floor. The other three looked at me with terror and rage filing their eyes. Then all three of them began running towards me. I jumped up and grabbed the closest branch swinging on it, kicking a 'sim' in the face and him falling back. I then let go, flying to another one's back making fall as well, but onto his face. The third one had two daggers in his hand. I smirked and raised my hand telling him,'Come get me.' He came at a quick speed that the dagger almost, touched me. But thanks to my special agility skills. I leaned back, sliding across the zone. He looked to me and grinned evilly. I retracted my claws and ran to him. (Meaning I put them back in basically) I punched him in the face,and while my hand was still in contact with his face, i extended my claws, causing his fake blood to seep onto my claws. I then slid my free hand into his chest grabbing his heart and pulling it out. I held the heart in my hand and i finally dropped it to the floor. The simulator went down, considering I completed my task. 
        I looked up to the dome, and I saw Logan smirking, Beast was jotting things down on a paper, and X was just scanning me. But then I saw Liam, how long was he there? His face had a look of horror. I can't help what I am. I thought. I broke myself out of my thoughts.
"Angelica... have you ever done something like that before?" I shook my head.
"Never...why do you ask Professor?" His face was stern.
"Do you know what triggers this?" I looked down and then back up.
"Yes, its rage or well it was at first. And let me answer your next question. I have or rather had all this rage because I've always been the underdog. No matter what. My parent's acted like i had some sort of disease. They became scared of me. I've never felt so hated before. But then with all that rage and hatred, came a thrive. I loved the fact my parents were scared of me. It gave a fuel you could say. I became a monster. Janelle and Vanessa tried bringing me back, but they couldn't...and then one day ruined and changed my life for the better. I was at school and I was at my locker. Dumb ass jock started beating me up. I scratched his face. I've never seen someone looked so horrified at what they've seen. I knew I was a monster..." I mumbled the last sentence looking down.
"In the beginning you said rage at first, what's your drive for power now?" Beast questioned me.
"Easy, its the people I care about. Knowing that they love me and/or care about me. It keeps me going and fighting for them." Beast nodded to my answer and jotted everything down. 
"You can come up here." Professor told me and I did.
        I got into the room from the help of Logan leading me. I would have been lost without him. "What you did out there was out of someone like you's range. I would have never expected that from you." Logan told me. I grinned from ear to ear.
"Nice of you too join us up here Angelica." The Professor told me. But then he looked to the door and so did Liam. Suddenly a singed man walk in.
"Angelica meet Janelle's mentor, Alex Summers, also known as Havoc." I eyed this guy he seemed young.
"You seem kinda young to be mentoring my cousin...I mean yeah your older but still...and your Scott's little brother aren't you?" I asked him.
"First of all I'm 21. Second of all, I've been here a long while, so I know control. And lastly, yes Scott's 25." He answered me.
"And back to the reason I'm here. Professor. Trail Blazer is more powerful than we thought. Her urge for fire grows more every time she uses it." He told the professor and he nodded and left with Havoc.
"Onyx... your skill levels are off the charts." Beast informed me and I smiled.
"I can't believe you took pleasure in slaughtering them." Liam huffed under his breath thinking I couldn't hear him and I turned to him.
"Oh, did I forget to mention it was my past time?Yup killing people so much fun." I said with complete sarcasm and he looked shocked.
"Heightened senses." I told him. He looked guilty.
"I'm sorry, I truly mean it. It's just disturbing seeing you take someone's heart out of there chest even though there were simulations. Lets me know I shouldn't mess with you." He said grabbing both my hands. I smiled and we both walked out of the room, towards my dorm. This was just the beginning I thought to myself.


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