Shoot Me Down (A One Direction/X-Men Fan-Fiction)

They were 3 cousins.Vanessa, Janelle, and Angelica. They were different.They were mutants, so they ended up being shipped across the pond to New York to go to a special place. The Xavier Institute for The Young And Gifted. Little did they know what or whom awaits there. They will find love, heart aches, and suffer. But worse...they'll find out that the most normal things are the things that are actually completely out of the ordinary.


2. Chapter 1

**Angie's POV**

"Angelica!!!" I heard my mother screaming from downstairs. I slowly lifted myself out of my bed. It was 11:24 A.M. Eh. Normal time for me. I walked to the door opening it ever so slightly.
"Yes mum?" I shouted back to her.
"Get cleaned up quickly! Your cousins are coming over soon! We have a very important announcment to tell you three!" She said cheerfully, which was strange considering my mother was never a cheerful person.
"Yes mum!" I closed the door before heading into my bathroom and turning on the water. 
        I was in the shower for a bout ten minutes. I turned off the water and stepped out. I wrapped the towel around my body an stepped into my room. I immediately went to my wardrobe and picked out what i was going to wear. I then did my hair and make-up. In the end i looked good. I was about to walk out of my room and go downstairs till i heard a very hushed conversation.
"She need's to go there. They all do. We aren't safe with them here." The voice of my father breaking my heart. I didn't choose this life... It chose me and I can't change it. Come to think of it... I wouldn't want to even though i did at a time...
"We are losing money every time she breaks something." My mum said to whoever else was there. I took a sniff. It was my parents and Janelle's and Vanessa's. All three of us were Irish. Or well part Irish in Vanessa's and Janelle's case. Our fathers are brothers. Thats how we are related. 
        My thoughts were then disturbed by pebbles being thrown at my window. I walked over to see who it was even though i already knew. Janelle  a... Vanessa`. I opened the window and suddenly appeared Jan and Van in my room.
"Guys why are our parents downstairs?" I asked them. They looked at each other with puzzled looks.
"I woke up this morning and they weren't even home. They said they went out to have breakfast together." Vanessa stated.
"No there downstairs, i can smell them." I stated and Janelle walked to the door and slowly opened it. 
"She's right I hear my parents too. No doubt about it." Vanessa groaned and threw herself on the couch in my room.
"I think telling our parents was a mistake." She sighed.
"What were we supposed to do? When they saw me playing with fire and not getting burnt?! Or when they saw metal claws come out of there daughter?!" She said pointing to me.
"We didn't have a choice whether to tell them or not Vanessa..." Janelle was ranting.
"No need to shout love." Vanessa said getting up. 
"Calm down Jan, we don't need flames, or claws at the moment." Jan cracked a laugh at my comment. 
"Angelica? We know the girls are with you can you please come here? All of you?" She hollered from downstairs. We all looked at each other and i turned the knob leading to the stairs. We walked down in silence to see all of our parents standing up. Uncle David (Janelle's Dad) was the first to speak.
"You are going to New York. All of you." He spat out.
"Why?" Vanessa spoke.
"Because, we don't need all the trouble here. You girls have caused enough!" Her mother shrieked. I was on the verge of tears.
"We're sending you girls to an academy for mutants like you. It's for your own good." My father spoke in a gentle voice.
"Why can't you accept us here? As we are..." I forced the very words out of my mouth.
"Darling, there are people who want to kill you out there. Its safer." I didn't buy this shit. I couldn't tell what the others were thinking, but before i had time to react, Janelle stood up.
"Answer this honestly. I don't need you to accept me...I just need you to love me...Do you love me?" She looked both her parents in the eyes.
"Love, we're doing --" She cut them off.
"That's not what i asked!" Her hands started to glow...Shit...

**Vanessa's POV**

        Currently, Jan was a ticking time bomb. Me and Ang had worried faces. We both got up and pulled Jan back down on the couch. Instead of reacting the way we thought she would, she ended up in tears.
"How could you not love your daughter? Just because she's different doesn't mean anything." I said as gently as i can.
"Go pack your bags girls. Your flight leaves in 5 hours. We leave in 1 and 1/2." My mum announced. Janelle calmed down and walked out of the door and slamed it behind herself. Angie got up and her claws started coming out slowly. She walked to the curtains ans shredded them with one swipe.
"Rot in hell you bastards." She said before going to her room. I slowly got up.
"Mum, i remember and old saying," she looked at me puzzled, 'There are times when we think we're ugly, but when we look back at our haters...Who's ugly now?'" I walked towards the door and i walked out of that house running towards mine which was across the street. Janelle's house was next to mine. I walked into my house running up to my room. I grabbed a large suitcase and i threw every piece of clothing i owned in it.

        After everything was in my two suitcases i changed quickly then i took them downstairs. I saw Angie   and Janelle waiting there. They were angry. No...we were angry. How could our parents do this to us...
        The door opened revealing our parents. Not one of them looked like as they cared. They didn't...
"The cab is outside waiting girls. When you reach the airport someone will be waiting for you." My mom said. I couldn't look  her them in the eyes. I grabbed my suitcases and went out the door following Angie with Janelle behind me. We all looked back once more to find the door closed.
"Relentless bitches." Angie muttered underneath her breath.
"Let's leave already, I don't want to see this place ever again." Exasperated Janelle.
"Bye Ireland." I whispered quietly to myself and with that we all went into the cab, awaiting our fates across the pond...

**A/N: Hey guys! So what do you think of my first chapter in 'Shoot Me Down'? Whoever gets the answer to my following question will be mentioned in my next two chapters.
What are their powers? And who is waiting for them at the airport in New York?
Anywhore...Love it...Comment about it...Favorite it....And if you have any requests please tell! Love you guys! ~Momo xx **

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