Shoot Me Down (A One Direction/X-Men Fan-Fiction)

They were 3 cousins.Vanessa, Janelle, and Angelica. They were different.They were mutants, so they ended up being shipped across the pond to New York to go to a special place. The Xavier Institute for The Young And Gifted. Little did they know what or whom awaits there. They will find love, heart aches, and suffer. But worse...they'll find out that the most normal things are the things that are actually completely out of the ordinary.


7. A/N: Powers

Hey guys i know a lot of you want to know there powers so here a quick sneek peek :)

Angie :(Onyx) 

Healing factor (regeneration of tissue, immunity to virtually all toxins and pathogens, slowed aging process), enhanced senses, and retractable claws made ofthe indestructible metal adamantium which is bonded to her skeleton, allowing enhanced physical attributes

Janelle: (TrailBlazer)
Can create and control fire without gas sources.

Vanessa: (V-Girl)
Can sense others emotions, and can manipulate them as well

Niall: (Cannonball)
Projects a laser from his eyes, which he can control, and the laser can burn and set things on fire/explode.

Harry: (Mirage)

Can seduce people (sire) to do whatever he wants by sending mental thoughts into the others mind.

Louis: (Superman)
Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, durability, flight, and senses.

Liam: (Mind Keeper)
Telepath, he can read minds, send messages, and can control minds.

Zayn: (Mimic)
Shape-shifting. Possesses minor healing and reactive abilities and a slowed aging process.

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