Hated (A 1D fanfic)

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  • Published: 1 May 2013
  • Updated: 19 Feb 2014
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Sawyer hates the thought of school simply because they are there.
Yep, the thought of them gives her chills.
Who am I talking about?
The one and only Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Stacey Porter.


20. Through the motions

After reviewing with Sawyer for an hour, Fizzy rushes into my room in shorts and cleats.

"We have to go, Lou." She tells me, sighing. 

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I say, standing up and putting away my notes from Geometry. "Go get your sisters, and get in my car. All in the back. I have to take Sawyer home." I told her, and she nodded, leaving.

"Is it okay if I take her to practice before I drop you off?" I ask Sawyer, and she nods.

*Sawyer's point of view*

I followed him out to his Range Rover, and get in the front seat.

"Who are you?" One of the little girls asks me.

"This is my friend from school, Sawyer." Louis tells her.

Yeah, friend. Something like that. 

"Hi, Sawyer." The oldest one says. 

"Hi there," I say, and she cocks her head to the side.

"Why do you sound like that?" The one who played soccer asks.

"I'm from America." I say, and she nods. 

"Can you say 'tidy'?" Another one asks me.

"Hey now. Quit. You can't just ask people to say words." Louis say to her, and she frowns.

"But she sounds different!" She cries, and I smile a little. I love little girls, they are so cute.

"It doesn't matter." He says. "That's rude."

Oh, yeah. That's rude. Compared to what he's done to me, that's pretty fucking nice. 

It was pretty cute that they wanted to hear me talk, though. When we first moved over here, everyone wanted to hear me talk. 

After Louis dropped off one of the girls, he took the rest of them to a large office building, and started towards my house. 

"Why'd you leave them there?" I ask as we pull out of the parking lot.

"That's my mom's office." He told me. "I can't leave them home alone, and I've got things to do tonight. And its pretty hard to run errands with three little girls in the backseat."

"Oh. Y'all've got a pretty big family." I say, and he nods.

"Yep." He says, and we drift off into another awkward silence, so he turns on the radio again. 

When he drops me off at Clay's house, I awkwardly got out, and nodded at him. "Uh, Thanks." I say, and he smiles.

"Bye, Sawyer." He says, and pulls out of the driveway.

I walk into the house, and notice Clay and Zach sitting on the couch playing Call of Duty or some other silly game. 

"Hey, Clay." I yell over the loud sounds coming from the tv.

"Hey, Saw. You wanna come join?" He yells back, and I laugh.

That just doesn't sound fun to me.

"Nah, I'm good." I say, and climb the stairs up to my bedroom. 

When I wake up the next morning, I sigh.

School just doesn't sound good to me. I know Louis reviewed with me for literally ever, but I don't want to go and take tests and shit.

I'm not good at it, so what's the point?

I put on a long sleeve, gray 'New York' t-shirt, and tucked it into orange high-waisted shorts. Black belt, black gladiator sandals, gold ring, gold menswear-looking watch. 

Still not ready for this. 

I walk down the stairs, and ride to school with Clay. 

Going through the motions, that's what I call it. 

I barely pass a test in Geometry, and I skip lunch. Same old, same old. 

Riding with Louis after school, we make small talk about Ms. Price, the graphic design teacher. 

"She's creepy, I'll tell ya." I say. "She swoops in outa' nowhere and is lookin' over your shoulder."

"I know!" He exclaims, "She scares the shit out of me."

"Exactly. That lady's strange." I reply.

He pulls into his driveway, and takes me up to his room. Once again, there are four little girls waiting for him.

"Lou, I can't find my shin pads!"

"Louis, do you know where mom keeps the extra printer paper?"

"Can you help me with my book?"

"Louis, is that the same girl from yesterday?"

"Okay girls, time to make a deal. You all leave us alone for the next hour, and then we'll all get ice cream afterwards. Deal?" He asks, and I laugh.

"Deal!" One of the littlest ones says, and I smile. They clear out of his bedroom, and he shakes his head.

"You're so good with them." I say, and he grins.

"I love them so much. I literally don't know what I'd do if something were to happen to one of them." He says, and pulls out a notebook from his backpack.

"And they really look up to you," I say. 

"Yeah, too bad." He says, his smile fading.

"What do ya mean by 'too bad'?" I ask, and sit down next to him on the bed.

"I mean, 'too bad I'm an asshole'. They look up to me like that, and they have no idea what I've done to you, and all the other shit that I've pulled." He says, and I chew my lip.

"You're not that big of an asshole." I say, smiling. He laughs, and I do, too.

"Nah, I really am." He says.

"You're right, you are." I reply, and we both laugh for a minute.


**Hey y'all! 

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