Hated (A 1D fanfic)

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  • Published: 1 May 2013
  • Updated: 19 Feb 2014
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Sawyer hates the thought of school simply because they are there.
Yep, the thought of them gives her chills.
Who am I talking about?
The one and only Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Stacey Porter.


14. That park near Clay's

Today is Tuesday. I can't go back to school until Monday.

Hm, maybe this won't be so bad.

It gives me a few days to calm down, and to get my head on straight again.

**At the park**

I don't want to go home. I don't want Lydia to find out about me just yet.

I go to that park. The park that my parents used to take me to when I was just a little kid.

Sitting on the same bench my mother always sat on, I cry. I let it all out, and nothing is there to stop me.

I cry over all of my great memories from my childhood, of my parents, of Clay, of all my friends I used to have.


I am sitting on the limb of one of the huge trees next to Clay. 

We are only about nine or ten, and we're best friends.

"Let's go higher, Sawyer." he says, looking at me and grinning, many of his teeth missing.

"Let's do it!" I agree, and lead the way.

The tree is old, and not very sturdy. One of the limbs break when I step on it, and I fall to the ground.

I ended up having to go to the emergency room, and it really sucked. 

I had to wear a boot on my left foot for three months, and I missed half of the softball season.

Clay came to the emergency room with me, and he sat there the whole time I cried and hugged me. I really miss that Clay.

*End of flashback, and Louis's point of view*

I can't go home yet. If my mom sees me like this, she'll kill me.

I have no idea where to go, so I just head to the little park near Clay's house. 

When I park, I notice a familiar white jeep.


I walk around the park, looking for her. I need to apologize. All of a sudden, I feel terrible. I did this to myself, and I fucked up her life in the process.

When I see her fiery red hair, her face is in her hands, and she is sobbing. 

I sit down next to her, and say softly, "Don't cry over what I've done to you. I'm a dick." 

She looks up, and her face turns red with fury.

"I wasn't crying over you, you conceited jackass. You fucked my life up, and that is that. But don't flatter yourself, you aren't special. So many people have ruined it for me, that you are nothing new." She snarls, and faces the ground.

"I- I'm sorry." I apologize sincerely.

"Sorry doesn't cut it. And even if you were being real, it wouldn't matter. You're way past sorry now." She says, and it really hurts.

I tried to apologize, and she pushed me away, like she didn't want it.

She tries to get up, but I grab her wrist, trying to keep her from walking away. She turns around and stares me in the eyes, shaking her head.

She looks down at my hand on her wrist, and back up at me. My hand is wrapped all the way around her wrist, and I am squeezing it. A tear rolls down her cheek, but she never breaks eye contact.

We must have be standing there for at least ten minutes before she yanks her arm from my hand and pushes her way past me, tears threatening her eyes.

*Sawyer's point of view*

What a little bitch.

He's acted like a cunt to me since the day he moved here, and he now has the audacity to try to apologize? Yeah, I don't think so.

People just don't change that fast.

But I really don't know where I'm going to go now since it isn't three yet, and I obviously can't stay here.


**Hey y'all! Are you still enjoying this? Sorry if you don't really enjoy this chapter, but it had to be made! Just hinting at it here, but the park is going to be super important later on in the movella!

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