Hated (A 1D fanfic)

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  • Published: 1 May 2013
  • Updated: 19 Feb 2014
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Sawyer hates the thought of school simply because they are there.
Yep, the thought of them gives her chills.
Who am I talking about?
The one and only Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Stacey Porter.


11. Stutter?

*Louis's point of view*

When I see Sawyer walk in, I head over to her locker to mess with her a bit. I don't know, it's just fun. I like the feeling of pissing her off.

She keeps her gaze on the floor all the way over to me and her locker, and she doesn't even look up as she opens her locker and puts a textbook in. I don't think she even notices me standing there.

I open my mouth to say something smart, but before I can even get a syllable out, she cuts me off.

"Don't start." She orders, not even looking up at me. 

"How did you," I start to say, but she cuts me off again.

"Shut the fuck up." She says, still putting books from her bag into her locker, and some from her locker into her bag.

"What are you," I try to say, but of course, she can't keep her damn mouth shut.

"Did I stutter?" She asks.

"How does that have anything to do," But I am cut off again.

"I asked, 'Did it stutter?'." She repeats, in a take-no-shit kind of tone.

"No." I answer, wanting to see where this is going.

"Then listen to me. I said shut the fuck up. So I suggest you do so." She tells me.

"Eh, what would you do about it if I didn't?" I ask, pushing her buttons.

But then she stares up into my eyes, and I almost shudder. They look empty, and hollow.

I feel uncomfortable even in her presence, and walk away slowly. 

Something's scaring me about her. She is different today.

And I am on edge.

*Sawyer's point of view, after second period."

After first period, I put in my contacts and go to second. 

I saw it in Louis's eyes when he was at my locker this morning. I'd scared the shit out of him.

But I don't know what is different about me. I feel better today. I feel- I feel good.

I'm off the pills, and done with the shit.


** You guys <3 shit's going down in the next chapter!! I can't wait!!

Anyway, I know I've been doing a lot of these author's notes, and I was just wondering if you guys like them. If y'all find them stupid, unhelpful, and annoying, just say so. But if you like them, leave me a comment! (:

Next, I just wanted to announce that I'm on page 51 of the most popular page!!! I know it doesn't seem like much, but it is so cool to me!

And I really want to apologize for this chapter being really short, and that I've not been updating every monday! But the next chapter is gong to be super long, I swear! I've been totally busy recently, and I've been going through some crazy shit. If you want to know more about my personal life, just ask (; But I think I'm throwing out my updating schedule while I starting to work on not one, BUT TWO new movellas! So stay tuned!

This is Allyson, over and out**

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