Hated (A 1D fanfic)

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  • Published: 1 May 2013
  • Updated: 19 Feb 2014
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Sawyer hates the thought of school simply because they are there.
Yep, the thought of them gives her chills.
Who am I talking about?
The one and only Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Stacey Porter.


19. Sisters and Grades

I stride down the hall, Louis following me. 

"Sawyer, slow down." He says, and I speed up.

"Not in the mood to discuss this, Tomlinson." I warn, so he runs. He jogs up beside me, and proceeds to walk with me.

"You'll have to talk to me sometime, Sawyer." He reasons, and I roll my eyes. "We have tutoring this afternoon. We can do it at my house, okay?"

"Sure, whatever." I reply, and walk into first period.

*After school*

I follow Louis to his car, and get into the front seat without saying a word. 

"So uh, hi." He tries, but I frown. 

"Don't." I say, shaking my head. "Let's just go and get this hour of studying over with."

"Can I say I'm sorry again?" He asks. I look into his eyes, and I know he's being real. But I'm not ready to handle that yet. 

"You can, but it wont change my opinion 'bout you." I say, and he looks genuinely sad as we pull out of the school parking lot. 

The ride is silent and awkward, so halfway through it, he flips on the radio. 

Then we get to his house, and my jaw drops. 

"Holy shit." I say, unable to stop myself, and he laughs. His house is huge.

"C'mon." He says, leading me through the door in the garage, through the kitchen, up to the third floor, and into his bedroom. And yes, I said third floor.

He walks through his doorway, and drops his backpack onto his bed. 

I look around. His walls are navy blue, and along one wall there are several shelves holding soccer trophies, medals, signed balls, and memorabilia. Soccer posters and plaques litter the walls, and a white desk is pushed up against one of the walls. He has neat, white drawers, and a navy and gray bed spread. 

I sit my backpack down next to his, and two little girls come running into Louis's room.

"Louis! Daisy took my book!" One of the little girls yells. 

"And Louis, I need help on my school work." The older one demands. 

"So I'm guessing you have a few little sisters?" I say sarcastically. They are pretty cute, though. 

"Yeah, four. Er, five. Only four live here, though." He says. "Okay, Phoebe. Go take your pill, and get Daisy to take hers, too. Then ask her kindly to give her your book back. Fizzy, I'll help you later. Maybe see if Lottie can help you."

"Okay, Lou. Remember I have football practice in an hour." She reminds him, leading the younger one out of Louis's room.

"Sorry about them. It gets a little crazy when you're the oldest of five." He apologizes sheepishly, and I laugh. 

"I can tell." I admit.

"And when Daisy and Phoebe don't take their pill, I feel like pulling my hair out." He shakes his head.

"Pill?" I ask. 

"They take Adderall three times a day. And Lottie takes it twice." He explains, and I chew my lip.

I take Adderall about three times a day, too. 

"Okay. Are you ready to start studying?" He asks, and I sigh. 

I remember who I'm with, and what we're doing. 

"Not fucking really." I mumble, but sit down next to him anyway. 

"Sawyer?" He asks, and I look up at him. "Can I just see your grade report?"

I shake my head no. I am embarrassed of my grades. It doesn't matter how hard I try in classes, I still manage to fail.

"C'mon, Sawyer. I'm not going to say anything mean. I'm done with that. I can be a good person." He argues, and I sigh. It's hard to believe that after everything he's done to me.

"There's really no point in looking at it." I try to take his attention away from the topic. 

"Sawyer. Just show me. I'm done being mean to you. I swear on my sisters' lives." He promises, and I know he's being honest with me, so I reach into my backpack, and reluctantly pull out a folder.

*Louis's point of view*

She slowly hands me her paper, and looks down at her hands.

Art: 83, C

Honors English: 86, B

Geometry: 74, D

World Studies: 62, F

Graphic Design: 77, C

History: 59, F

They use some odd American grading scale at this school, but overall, I understand it.

I blink a few times, and glance over at her. Sawyer's face is almost as red as her hair.

"Hey, it isn't that bad." I try to play it off, and she looks up at me.

"Don't you lie to me. You and I both know I'm an idiot. The school knows it, and all my teachers know it. I wont get into college, so why does it even matter anymore? Even if I get all these grades up to a B, I won't even have a 2.9 GPA. I needed that so I could go to college back home." She rants, her face still red.

"Sawyer, you can pull it up. We'll get them all to an A." I tell her, and the redness of her face slowly fades. "But why do you want to go to Uni back over in the states?"

"I'm tired of living over here. Too many bad memories. And I'm ready for something new." She explains, and I nod.

I have no idea where I want to go to Uni. I know I want to be a drama teacher, so I guess I'll be going somewhere that has a good teaching program. I know I'll take a gap year, though. I'm not ready to move on with my life. 

"You'll make it." I tell her.

"Yeah, right." She says, and I pull out a History textbook.

"Well, let's start studying for the test next week." I say to her, taking charge.

"Hey um, it'll be a little hard to teach me stuff." She mumbles, and I cock my head to the side a bit. 

"Hm?" I ask.

"I, I have really bad ADD and ADHD. Oh, and I'm Dyslexic. Oops." She explains, and I shake my head.

"Don't worry about it. We'll find a way to remember this stuff." I reassure her, and we begin reviewing history.


**Hi, you guys! Sorry I haven't updated in over a week on either movellas! I've been working super hard on one that I've yet to publish, and I can't wait to post it for you guys!!

Anyway, since Sawyer is 17, and Louis is only 18, his sisters are a little younger than they are today. So Lottie is 11, Fizzy is 9, and Daisy and Phoebe are 5. I hope that maybe clears it all up a bit. 

Also, OVER 120 LIKES! WHAT THE HELL? You guys actually like my writing!! Over 100 of you guys! Literally. That kills me. 

Next, I just want to ask you guys to like, favorite, comment, fan, and check out my other Movella!!

Well, that's all, y'all.

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