Hot And Dangerous (A Zayn Malik Love Story)

Perrie Edwards...everyone knows her as hot singer from Little Mix and the good girl...but most importantly as Zayn Malik's girlfriend...then we have Jessica Taylor Edwards...J.T... the despicable,opposite twin sister of Perrie...she's the rebel,the one who loves drinking and smoking.The one who doesn't give two shits about anything or anyone...especially her sister...


1. Jessica Taylor 'J.T' Edwards xx

Name: J.T Edwards... (My real name's Jessica Taylor but call me that and you'll be short one foot...)
Birthday: July 10th, 1993 (19 Years Young)
Siblings: Jonnie Edwards (older brother) and Perrie Edwards (my unfortunate twin sister -.-)

Heyyy the names J.T Edwards :P Don't wear it out... I'm 19 years young and born on the horrid date of July 10th...oh yeah and fuck life! :D Yeah Perrie Edwards of Little Mix is my twin sister,but I'm older than her by four minutes :P She's such a bitchy goody-good, I mean she doesn't have fun ever,all she does is cling to that pet boyfriend of hers. Wayne?Blayne? No wait Zayn...Yeah that's right,the boy-band boy...He's kinda hot,but he is most definitely not my type...I mean he's my sisters boyfriend..*le cringes in disgust* I mean she's all "Britain's Angel" While I'm the badass bitch...Yeah I called myself a bitch,and I'm a proud one too... I mean Perrie's never smoked,or gotten drunk or high,I mean where's the fun in being a good girl? Whereas my life...My life is full of adrenaline... I smoke,drink,get high,jump off cliffs into rivers,do daring shit,and not care about the consequences..
Likes: Playing around,not caring,being whatever Perrie isn't
Dislikes: Perrie,Perrie, and oh did I forget to mention?Perrie..


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