this is gonna end badly

Jillian, Sarah(or shamrock is what she is called),Kara, Rebecca, and Krista are on a date with there boyfriends in the bad One Direction. They decide to take the girls to a supposed haunted house. When they enter, a door parts them. read to find out what happens


1. told you it was haunted

The girls clinged onto the boys as they walked up to the door

"Its not even haunted" Harry said in his husky Brittish accent and looked at Jillian

"Says you" she whimpered out

The boys laughed and opened the door which creeked as she girls shrunk back. they entered first. Harry shook his head and Louis held out a hand for Sarah

"Come on shamrock"he smiled as she took his hand and pulled her in

"Im gettin the creeps" Krista whispered to Rebecca who nodded to say she was also

Jillian shakely walked in"Well on the inside it's not as bad i guess" she admitted and motiond for the girls to follow. They came in but stayed by Jillian. The door slammed shut. The girls screamed

"What was that?!" Rebecca screamed in error

"Just a draft babe" Liam cooed and  smiled at Rebecca who was tenced

Kara tried to open the door

"Um it's stuck"she whined and pulled and tugged at the door to no prevail

The girls whined and huddled together. A large wall broke through the floor boards to seperate them. They screamed again as the boys began to get worried.

A loud creak came under the girls and they plumited into the darkness with screeches. The boys yelled and called their names as the same happened to them. A demonic laugh came from the top of the stairs. His eyes glowed in pure evil as he vanished with a couple words"You'll all be dead soon"


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