this is gonna end badly

Jillian, Sarah(or shamrock is what she is called),Kara, Rebecca, and Krista are on a date with there boyfriends in the bad One Direction. They decide to take the girls to a supposed haunted house. When they enter, a door parts them. read to find out what happens


4. The Game


 JiIlian's breathing slowed as she cried into Kara's shirt. Kara patted her head as a tear fell from her cheek. Shamrock backed into a corner, shaking while Krista hit the floor with her fist.

" That...... bastard!" she screamed. Jillian backed away from Kara. A dark shadow appeared behind Jillian and grabbed her hair. Jillian screamed and thrashed with all her might as the guy dragged her into the darkness

" Jillian!" they all screamed as she seeped into the darkness


The guy dragged me through a dark and VERY creepy hallway and into what looked like a killing room. Tears streamed down my face as he grabbed a chain off the wall.

"w-what are y-you goin t-t-to do to m-me?" I asked scared out of my mind

" Play a game" he snickered as he wrapped the chain around me tightly. He grabbed the end and lifted me onto a hook. I dangled there, helpless as i turned around in a slow circle. Help i thought as i hung my head in shame and the creaky door closed and left me for the game




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