this is gonna end badly

Jillian, Sarah(or shamrock is what she is called),Kara, Rebecca, and Krista are on a date with there boyfriends in the bad One Direction. They decide to take the girls to a supposed haunted house. When they enter, a door parts them. read to find out what happens


2. the darkness we've been trapped in


JIllian was the first to wake up. A pain filled moan escaped her mouth. She looked to her left wrist which was broken. Kara poked her

"mind getting off?" she rasped out. She nodded and rolled off waking Shamrock.

" Oh god what happened?" she moaned. she closed her eyes. She screamed as she looked at her arm covered in blood.

Rebecca woke to the scream"What?" she snapped. She was cranky when woken on accident. Krista was the last to wake up

"where our the guys?" she asked. A worryed tone was detected in her voice. The girls had no clue.

"We fell first anyway so there probibly being held in another room" Jillian concluded as the girls nodded in agreement.

"We need to find a way out" Kara stupidly said

"No dip sherlock" the girls said in unison. Jillian face palmed herself. She looked around the room which had little to no light in it.

"I dont see a door or a crack" She sighed and sat down. Another evil laugh came from the darkness followed by the screams of the girls.



Harry fell into the darkness with the other boys. He gave a sicking scream as his bone cracked and broke the skin. Louis gasped at the sight while Niall was in a corner throwing up from the blood and seeing the bone.

" Bloody hell Harry!" Liam exclaimed and looked at his leg. Zayn was backed into a corner from the sight. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine a better place than here. Once Niall stopped hurling everywhere, he crawled over and gasped at the sight of Harry in such pain. Niall ran his fingers through his hair. He whimpered as he felt a sticky substance in it. He pulled his fingers away and screamed befor fainting at the sight of blood

"Well at least he's not throwing up" Louis said. Harry closed his eyes to sleep. The boys also heard the demonic laugh and it scared them as well.

"w-where are the girls?" Liam asked scaredly. The boys gave worried glances at each other befor zayn spoke up

"not here"he said in a shakey voice and he looked around the darkness and his eyes landed on a pair of glowing ones

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