this is gonna end badly

Jillian, Sarah(or shamrock is what she is called),Kara, Rebecca, and Krista are on a date with there boyfriends in the bad One Direction. They decide to take the girls to a supposed haunted house. When they enter, a door parts them. read to find out what happens


3. 2 down, 8 to go


The girls ran to each other and huddled until the laughter stopped

"O-o-omg" Krista said shakly as Jillian nodded and hugged Kara who was shaking

"We need to find the boys and get out of here" Rebecca said and stood up and looked into the pitch black part in the room.

"Its probibly in there" she said and took a step forward as Jillian grabbed her hand and shook her head

"NEVER go into the pitch black part of ANY room" she remembered and Rebecca shook off her hand and walked to the edge of the pitch darkness. Vines shot out of the darkness and dragged a screaming Rebecca into the darkness. The girls screamed and held back a struggling Jillian who was trying to get to Rebecca. Once the screaming stopped, crying echoed in the room. A stream of blood came from the darkness.


I walk to the edge of the darkness when i feel a hand grab mine. I turn around to see Jillian shaking her head ill be fine. Im just looking i think. I shake off her hand and proceed. Some sort of ropes or vines shoot out of the darkness and pull me in. I scream as the grip becomes tighter. One vine wraps around my arm and pulls very roughly until its pulled off. I scream so loudly as they rip off the rest of my limbs. The world becomes a dark hazey mess as i slowly slip in and out the living and dead. Im so stupid was the last thing that ran through my mind befor slipping into complete other world


Zayn yells and runs over toa passed out Niall and harry, a worried Liam, and a scared shitless Louis.

"Hate to break up the party, but there is someone watching us" he whispered shakely. Liam and Louis's eyes popped open

"Oh god" Liam mutters as Louis nods. They both look to see the eyes and Louis freaks

"Dude! What if thats the killer!" Louis screams.

"Will be fine" liam said finally. A butcher knife wizzed through the air and lodged into Liam's skull. He fell to the ground as Harry and Niall wake up

"what ha..." harry was going to ask but screamed as well as Niall, Loius, and Zayn

"holy shit!" Zayn yelled and Louis cried over the body

"what if the girls got hurt?" Niall asked

"Then ill kill the bastard who did this" Harry growled god dont let Jillian or the others die he thought

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