L'amour n'a pas d'age

I can kill a min in over 32 ways, I can speak 17 languages and I am the youngest and most hated spy in the entire world with only 13 years of age. My major enemies are France, Germany, and Spain. I protect people all over the world. I'm not allowed to fall in love because it would but that person in harms way. And even if i could fee I'm toyoung. My parents as divorced and instead of bearing thw wieght of living with one of them i moved out using my collage funds. So why don't you hear how the life of a hated spy goes.


11. you love me???????? part two






                                                               Leigh-Annes P.O.V.

After I collapsed into Harry's arms I felt fireworks everywhere. What was this feeling? Anyway I stopped crying a few minutes after because spies shouldn't be soft. After I stopped crying Harry picked me up bridal style and carried me to my bed. Once he sat down he pulled my on his lap and placed his arms around my waist. I'm quite tall for my age so I was pretty much at his neck in height. "Leigh-Anne are you okay?" He asked me. "Yeah just a little shocking you know. Killing your own sister." I stated trying to lighten up the mood. "It just fee-" i wad interrupted by Harry's lips crashing into mine. I felt fire works everywhere. I kissed him back almost instantly. Our lips moved insync. When we pulled apart I just looked into his amazing emerald green eyes. "Leigh-Anne I have been in love with you since the moment i laid eyes on you, even though your only 13 will you please give Mr the honor of being my girlfriend?" He asked Mr with the worlds firearm puppy dog face. "Harry... i would love to." I said smiling while embracing him in a hug. Now that he is my mission and boyfriend it gives me more of a reason to protect him. I laced our fingers and skipped out of the room to go down stairs and tell the boys. Once we got down stairs I saw the boys were all watching tv. When I walked in they all came over to me and gave me individual bear hugs. "Um... Guys i have.... We have something to tell you" I said nervously. The boys gave me confused yet worried looks...Especially Niall "We are dating" Harry said enthusiastically finishing up for me. He leaned down and kissed my cheek. "What.. How could you Harry.. No you can't be dating... I love her!!!! "said Niall. Niall loves me? What is going on?!?!?!?!

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