L'amour n'a pas d'age

I can kill a min in over 32 ways, I can speak 17 languages and I am the youngest and most hated spy in the entire world with only 13 years of age. My major enemies are France, Germany, and Spain. I protect people all over the world. I'm not allowed to fall in love because it would but that person in harms way. And even if i could fee I'm toyoung. My parents as divorced and instead of bearing thw wieght of living with one of them i moved out using my collage funds. So why don't you hear how the life of a hated spy goes.


7. Touch him one more time... I dare you





                                                                     Niall P.O.V.


 We were on the way to the hospital when Leigh-Anne was using all her might to keep her eyes open.

"Niall... I'm never going to give up on you boys... When I have a mission involving people I tend to get close... But when I think about it your the one I feel as if I should protect the most." She said blood still slightly trickling out of her. That brought tears to my eyes. Nobody has ever said something like that to me before. I have liked Leigh-Anne since the minute I payed eyes on her but being the gentleman I am I didn't pull a move, she could actually be the one who I was waiting for.... My princess

"Leigh-Anne I'm in love with you and always will be. No matter what happens just remember that. I may not be the most out going one to say their feelings aloud but just remember you are my everything and you can break thr-" I was interrupted with her lips smashing onto mine even though she might die I knew she was my one and only.

"Niall I may have not known you long but you are my one an-" she stopped there and her eyes shut. As soon as she said that the ambulance came to a stop and she was carried out I rushed along with it until I couldn't go any further.

"I will be he waiting Leigh-Anne I promise," I yelled through the doors. I turned to see the boys standing there crying but Harry just looked at me with furry bubbling inside him. I have a special gift and so does Leigh-Anne it's just she doesn't know it yet. We are lissets, those are shape shifters with the ability to do anything. This is also one of the reasons we have such strong feelings for each other. I was born to be hers and she was born to be mine. Harry came walking towards me.

"Niall what went on in that ambulance, you never wanted to even be bothered by the agency company or there squad and now your telling one you'll be waiting what is up with that" he said swinging at me. Thanks to being a lisset I dodged it quickly. Harry looked puzzled. He kept swinging until he punched me once of guard. It was a pretty hard hit so I fell to the ground with Harry on top of me. I knew what I had to do I turned invisible and Harry slightly dropped to the floor due to my absence. I appeared on the other side of the room Harry caught up to me and was about to punch me dead in the nose but before he could a figure dashed towards him and pumbled him to the ground. I heard a hiss and I knew who it was.... Leigh-Anne


I felt an urge in me to get out of the hospital bed. I saw Niall getting punched through the walls. It's as if the walls turned invisible. As the furry grew inside me I could feel my cuts and bruises heal. I looked into the mirror on the other side of the room. My eyes were red and my teeth were sharp like a vampire I don't know how or why but they just were but at the moment I didn't care I knew the love of my life was getting hurt. I jumped out of the bed and into the hall. I looked down and saw I was wearing a hospital gown.i wished I was wearing some CIA outfit like a black tank top with black shiny leather jeans and black combat boots and instantly my outfit changed. Cool I thought I looked p and saw Harry... On top of Niall. I wanted to kill him then and there. My feet carried me like a weight less bird and I threw Harry to the ground. Before I could even think about it I hissed like a snake. I helped Niall of the floor.

"Hay Harry... Listen I might have had feelings for you before but looking at your character I can see that was a huge mistake. You ever touch my man again I will kill you... Integrally." I said as I beared my fangs. Harry looked ashamed, scarred, upset and shocked. And just to make sure he knew I wasn't playing I grabbed Nialls head and smashed his lips to mine we kissed for a few seconds when I felt something almost rip through my bottom lip. I stopped kissing Niall and looked at him to see he had fangs as well... I was kind of. Happy to know I wasn't the only one like that but shocked it was Niall of all people. 

"Later your explaining what this is all about," I said. He just shook his head and I knew we were meant for each other. I turned my head and saw Harry he looked as if he would murder Niall. He started walking towards Niall with his hand behind his back. I looked through Harry and saw he had a knife. At the last second I pushed Niall out of the way with my super speed and swapped places with him, Harry's knife went straight through my left side. With all my strength I pulled the knife out of Harry's grip and dropped I onto the floor.

I out of me and saw it had lots of look on it. Harry look shocked that he missed the target and got me. I smirked and turned to Niall. He had tears streaming down his face mixed with anger and sadness.i tried to smile but I dropped to the floor due to the stab wound. But at least now I knew that if I die at least I died saving the man I love.

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