L'amour n'a pas d'age

I can kill a min in over 32 ways, I can speak 17 languages and I am the youngest and most hated spy in the entire world with only 13 years of age. My major enemies are France, Germany, and Spain. I protect people all over the world. I'm not allowed to fall in love because it would but that person in harms way. And even if i could fee I'm toyoung. My parents as divorced and instead of bearing thw wieght of living with one of them i moved out using my collage funds. So why don't you hear how the life of a hated spy goes.


3. the flirt




                                                                       Harry P.O.V.

The ride home was extremely silent and Leigh-Anne seemed as if the was going to murder one of us. So i thought I should try and make her smile. "You know love, you are the sexiest 13 year old I have ever met in my entire life," I said with a heir flip and my drop dead gorgeous smiles. She look up at me and smiled. Yes I got on her go- before i could finish that though I felt a slight punch go into my stomach. But it really did hurt. I looked up to see Leigh-Anne being held back me Niall and Louis. I don't think they could hold her much longer though. Her eyes were blood red and her teeth seemed sharper than a humans teeth. But before I could really get a look at her it disappeared and she look the same but her eyes were green like mine instead of ice blue. Louis and Niall's grip was loosening on her but I knew what was gonna happen if I let go. I told Liam to stop the car he did so and I hopped out of the door and sprinted down the road. I stopped and noticed a pair of head lights hurdling towards me. I didn't know what to do. But right before the car could hit me I got pushed to the ground by... Leigh-Anne. "Harry what is wrong with you, why didn't you move?!?"she practically screamed at me. "I do- I don't know why I didn't move" I said with tears streaming down my face. I wish I knew why.

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