L'amour n'a pas d'age

I can kill a min in over 32 ways, I can speak 17 languages and I am the youngest and most hated spy in the entire world with only 13 years of age. My major enemies are France, Germany, and Spain. I protect people all over the world. I'm not allowed to fall in love because it would but that person in harms way. And even if i could fee I'm toyoung. My parents as divorced and instead of bearing thw wieght of living with one of them i moved out using my collage funds. So why don't you hear how the life of a hated spy goes.


13. take me instead...






                                                                      Leigh-Annes P.O.V.

After i caught my breath back i dashed back to the house. Once i reached there Harry and Louis tackled me.

"Leigh where have you been, we have been worried sick about you?!?!?!!?" They asked me at the same time.

"Niall.....got....kidnapped....." i stated in between sobs.

"what?!?!?" They all screamed.

"I told you i should have left earlier, i could have saved him, its all my fault," i  stated while dropping to the floor crying my eyes out.

"Do you have any idea who would take-" started Louis but that clicked something in my mind.

"Psycho fans," i stated

"What?" they all questioned my previous statement.

"you guys came to the agency because you were getting kidnapping threats from psycho fans... So a psycho fan probably kidnapped him" i stated a matter a factly.

"Really good Leigh," stated Harry. Honestly i don't know when i started being called Leigh but i went along with it. I went to my laptop and entered the license plate number into my GPS and the place they were keeping Niall is only down the road(real smart hiding area). 

" Guys just come on hurry," i said while dashing out the door with my utensils. I was half way down the road when i saw the destination. I saw the same van that i saw take Niall in the drive way. I smirked at the thought of how stupid somebody could be to .... ugh no time for this. I turned around and saw the boys there breathless. Harry i so c- No get back to Niall. I walked up to a window at the side of the house and there was tied to a chair. I pulled out my chisel and cut the window out just the right size of my body and slid in. He looked up with a hopeful expression at the sight of me there. The second i walked up to Niall the door bust open and there was a girl with two pig tails and braces... with a gun. But i knew her. Walked up to her and quickly bulled the hair out of the pig tails and ripped of her fake braces and it was.... MY OTHER ENEMY from France, madame Cru'z.

"I knew you would come for this runt,"  stated madame Cru'z in her vogue french accent.

"Please just let him go, is all i ask." I stated calmly because she is a very manipulative spy.

"And what will i get in return?" she asked questionably. I thought before giving my answer.

"Me," is all i said. 

" No Leigh, you cant. What about us?!!?!?" screamed the boys from outside the window. I tried so hard to ignore them so bad. But being the stubborn boys they are they broke through the window and jumped in.

"Forget them take me." i stated begging.

"Fine just let me blindfold you and untie the boy." she stated while going to untie Niall. He was untied and ran to the boys. She came back to me and said to say my good byes. I walked up to each and gave them a kiss on the cheek and a big hug except for Niall and Harry. I gave them hugs and and soft kiss on the lips. Niall's was just a quick peck but Harry's was a quick yet passionate kiss on the lips. I walked back even though they were shouting for me not to do it. I turned back and gave them a little wave and a weak smile. She blindfolded me and that was my Que. I elbowed her in the stomach and shot her in the back before she could get up. I fell to the floor because before i shot her she kicked me really hard with the heel of her stiletto. Harry ran up to me and kissed me passionately while the  others gathered around us and created a big group hug. Harry picked me up of the floor and embraced me in a big hug.

"Please don't ever do that to me again, i thought i lost you," he stated while crying in my hair. 

"I would never leave you... even after the mission, i will always be there for you" I said to him with a big smile before i kissed him. And with that we all hopped back out of the window and out the house and went home.....All holding hands walking down the road that was lit up by the stars in the sky. There were  of them  aligned perfectly. Which stood for all of us together. Harry slipped his arm around my waist. And the stars that  shone the brightest were him and i

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