L'amour n'a pas d'age

I can kill a min in over 32 ways, I can speak 17 languages and I am the youngest and most hated spy in the entire world with only 13 years of age. My major enemies are France, Germany, and Spain. I protect people all over the world. I'm not allowed to fall in love because it would but that person in harms way. And even if i could fee I'm toyoung. My parents as divorced and instead of bearing thw wieght of living with one of them i moved out using my collage funds. So why don't you hear how the life of a hated spy goes.


8. It was all a dream up till now



                                                          Niall's P.O.V.


"Harry are you serious. What is wrong with you first were best mates and just because the girl you wanted wanted me instead you go and try to kill me. But because she loves me so much she pushed me out of the way and she got stabbed!!!!!!!" I told Harry with furry growing inside me as I speak. My fangs were starting to come out and I wasn't trying to stop them.

"We'll mate guess what?" Harry said with a smirk.

"What?" I asked with pure curiosity.

"If I can't have her.... Neither of us can" he said.

At that moment I pushed him to the floor and turned invisible. You might think since I'm a magic creature I have an advantage but the rest of the boys are vampires so they can see me. Harry dashed towards me but he went right through me. 

"Oh dear Harry I thought I warned you not to touch him or else am I right" said Leigh-Anne coming out of her hospital  room looking better than ever.

" Oh yes I do remember what you said but a lisset like you doesn't have a clue what to do with the amount of power like that," he said to her and with that he pushed her to the wall and started to kiss down her neck. She looked at me and mouthed I have a plan. I winked saying ok.

"Oh Harry your right , your soo much better than Niall." She said in twining her fingers in his curls. At first it hurt me but then I remembered she was acting.

"See Nialler that's how you get a girl," he said pulling her out of the hospital door but at the last second she pinned his arm behind him at pushed him to the ground. 

"This is my type of girl" i thought to myself. 

"Oh Niall this is a good one, she fights for what she loves, but trust me next time it won't be you it will be me." He said with a smirk. Just then Leigh-Anne whisled the noise of the Mockingjay and closed her eyes and when she reopened them she was Harry's ex girlfriend,  Lucinda.

 "Harry don't you remember me your girlfriend? I have missed you so much" she said running up to Harry trying to kiss him.

"Nice try Leigh-Anne, your an amazing spy not actress" he said to her moving his hand around his back I looked through him and saw he had a wooden steak. 

"Leigh-Anne watch-" I couldn't finish because Harry had stabbed it brought her torso and she fell to the floor turning back into herself I tried running to her but I was stuck in my place.


"Mate, mate, MATE!!!!!!!" I heard someone scream while I was being shaken. It was Harry.

"Yea what happened I asked trying to sit up.

"You were shaking and kicking screaming something like Leigh-Anne watch out" he said. I can't believe it was a dream I swore we had met her. I looked at the clock and it said 7:30 am.

"Why are you waking me up so early?" I asked.

"That spy agency thing is sending us a spy in a few minutes... Remember because of the kidnapping threats?" He told me.

"Oh... Erm.... Ok" right when I finished saying that the door bell rang.

"Boys the you know what his here" Harry screamed. He ran down the hall and so did I. Harry opened the door and there was a girl she had curly chocolate brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Se had curves with a fl- that's the girl from my dream.

"Leigh-Anne omg I can't believe it your here" I told her giving her a kiss on the lips with all my might. I stopped kissing her and she was just standing there shocked. She looked at me with confusion.

"We'll... Um.... Hello yes my name is Leigh-Anne I'm the secret agent sent here to protect you guys.... Do I know you?" She asked.

"Of course I-never mind " I said not wanting to sound stupid.

 "We'll thank you for the warming welcome" she said giggling I started blushing.

"Hello sexy" Harry said as she passed him. He tried to smack her butt but she pinned his clothes to the wall with like 20 knives.

" Your an assignment got it? Said Leigh-Anne.

"Yes captain" he said while she started to take the knives out.

"We'll I'm going to give you all nicknames just by how you seem." Leigh-Anne exclaimed her voice sounding like an angels.

"Your going to be curly," she said pointing to Harry with a smile.

"your carrot" she said pointing to Louis because he had like 20 of them in his hand.

" Quiff" she said to Zayn

YBuzz cut" pointing to Liam.

"And you are..... Cutie Patudie" she said to me poking my nose causing me to blush.

"Ok curly listen... I'm sorry we got of on the wrong start maybe we could start over?" She said with a soft tone in her voice while sticking out her hand. 

"Of course " he said grabbing her hand but instead o shaking it he pulled her into a really tight hug. You could see her face turning red. 

"Harry she can't breath" I said trying to pry her out of his grip so did the other boys.

" Oh Leigh-Anne I'm so sorry"he said letting her go. He let go and she dropped to the ground coughing. I picked her up off the floor and put her on one hip like you would do to a baby. 

"Leigh-Anne are you okay I'm sorry" Said Harry stepping closer. But the more he moved closer the more I moved back. Louis stepped up and took her from me in one swift movement plopping her on the couch.

"Leigh-Anne how old are you" Louis asked. She started to stutter.  


                                                                                     Leigh-Anne P.O.V.

"Leigh-Anne how old are you" asked carrot aka Louis.

"um..I...a...I'm 13" I whispered.

"really? But your so tall for your age your only a few inches smaller than Harry over there and he is pretty tall" said Louis.

"Yeah but I'm only 13, I'm the youngest spy in the world three if the world most biggest spy connections hate me" I told them they were bound to find out anyway.

"oh" is all I received. "You know curly you could be a spy to.... Your killer hugs and good looks could be quite useful" I said giggling.

"Yeah... I'm so sorry I didn't mean to... You totally deserve to punch me go ahead" he said protecting his face. I mouthed to all the boys to jump on him on the count of three. They nodded and I started to count on my fingers. 1...2...3... They all jumped on him. They got of and I saw only three people jumped on him. I saw the blonde one in the kitchen eating his face out.

"For a skinny boy you sure do eat a lot... And I actually enjoyed the kiss it being my first and all" i said with a smile. He smiled back.

"I feel like I've met you before I just don't know where" i told him with a confused look on my face.

"Same here..." I whispered.

We walked back into the room talking about random topics. We were looking down. We heard muffled noises. We looked up and saw the rest of the boys tied up.  I ran up to them and told Niall to stay behind me. I pulled the knife I kept in my pocket out and untied them all.

"Leigh-Anne look out" Louis told me. I turned around to see my worst enemy my sister Esmeralda. She was a spy too. But she was for Spain while I was for The U.K. And the U.S. She pulled out a gun and tried to shoot me but I dodged it. I fired at her and got her left leg.

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