My brother Ed Sheeran (Harry styles FanFiction)

Hi i'm Andy Sheeran you might know the last name by the famous singer Ed Sheeran. This is my story how i fell in love with a curly hair boy named Harry. Throighout the whole story your going to find love hate and jealousy. What happens when Harry finds a girl that he likes but Niall also likes but the girls end up liking Harry? Can Niall steal her away or is she Harry's forever?


7. The Hand??

I was about to open the car door when i grabbed a hand. I looked at where my hands touched another hand and saw it was Harry holding me back. Need something i asked him. I was wondering if you will like to go out on a date with me you know alone? he asked. I blushed knowing i had a big crush on him. UM.. well that would be wonderful i replied not hesitating. Nice well maybe- he was cut of by the door opening from behind and niall speaking up Come on guys were waiting he said and when he looked at our hands still interlocked he looked sad. I wonder if he likes me, i like him but not more as a friend and that's that. When we let go of our hands and got out of the car i took my side next to ed as i always did when we were in a crowd. Now i'm always going to be between harry and niall. IF niall liked me of course. We decided we were going in partners so it went like this ed and Louis, niall and liam, zayn and and a friend of his , and that left me and harry. Harry and i decided to go on the ferries wheel first and started walking to it. When we got to our seats and started going around i spoke up. so you were telling me about our date i said. oh yeah if tomorrow night was okay he asked. Yeah sure i dont have plans tomorrow i said. Okay so tomorrow it is he said. It was silent for a long time then harry said Andy i have liked you ever since we met would you do the honor of being mine? he asked. I was shocked, that was the first time someone has ever told me that. Then i came back to reality Sure ill be yours forever and always harry and i also have liked you since we met, you ...were my first crush.


This chapter was made by Andystyles24 and please also give credit to babycakes for me.Love you loves(using as much American Language in this story)

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