My brother Ed Sheeran (Harry styles FanFiction)

Hi i'm Andy Sheeran you might know the last name by the famous singer Ed Sheeran. This is my story how i fell in love with a curly hair boy named Harry. Throighout the whole story your going to find love hate and jealousy. What happens when Harry finds a girl that he likes but Niall also likes but the girls end up liking Harry? Can Niall steal her away or is she Harry's forever?


16. Starbucks

Liam's POV

*Beep* *Beep*

I forgot to turn the alarm off yesterday but now that I'm up might as well take a shower. I got out of bed, walked over to my closet found some clothes and threw them on the bed. I took a shower then 20 mins later got out and dried myself off. I walked out to my room and got dressed. When I was dressed i ran down the stairs and went straight to the kitchen for a glass of OJ. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 9:30. Maybe I should text Nia I pulled up her contact and started texting.

L: Hey Nia do you want to meet up at Starbucks for some coffee?

-3 mins later-

N: Sure but do you mind if I bring someone?

L: No no its fine. Who is it by the way?

N: I'll tell you everything at Starbucks

L: Okay see you in 10

*End of converstation*

I wonder what she has to tell me and who she's bringing. Anyways I'll just have to wait and find out. "Hey Li where you headed out to?" Louis asked. "I'm meeting up with Nia" I said smiling at her name. "Oh. Have fun and tell Nia I said hi" he said smiling. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

*Skip Car Ride*

When I got inside of Starbucks I looked around but didn't see Nia I ordered and grabbed a seat. I pulled out my phone and began playing Subway Surfers when I heard someone sit in front of me. "Hey Liam" said a beautiful voice. "Hey babe" I said looking up at my phone at Nia. When I looked to see who she brought with her I was shocked. "Hey cutie whats your name?" I asked smiling at the little girl in front of me. "I'm Aaliyah" she said shyly. "How old are you Aaliyah?" i asked. "5" she said shyly again. "Your shy aren't you I said stating the obvious. "No I just can't believe your sitting in front of me" she said while giggling. "Mommy I have to use the bathroom" she said. Did she just say mommy? Is Nia married? Does she have a boyfriend? I asked myself. "I can see the confusion on your face, let me explain" she said. I nodded and she proceeded. "When I was 18 I was raped by a family friend. I love that little girl with all my might and I don't blame her for her father's mistake" she said beganing to cry. I grabbed her hands and mine "It's alright babe, I'm here for you" I said getting out of my seat to embrace her. "Is there anything else I should know?" I asked keeping her in the embrace. "I have a learning disability but you can't really tell and I have an heart condition" she said sniffling. I don't even know her really but I love her. Not because of what she just told me but because she's something different. I use to be one of those people who didn't believe in love at first sight but now I do. I use to say to myself "Love is blind, yet I believe in love at first sight" weird right? Okay back to Nia. "Liam I know this is way too soon but I love you" she said smiling. "Nia I was just thinking the same thing" I said smiling back. I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her. She was shocked at first but she kissed back. We heard Aaliyah giggling so we pulled apart. When I pulled back from Nia I noticed fans around and paparazzi. We have to go guys I said while picking up Aaliyah. I walked Nia and Aaliyah to there car and got in mine and left. I already know whats to come for Nia and now I feel sorry. I have to help her through the hate that is about to come her way.


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