My brother Ed Sheeran (Harry styles FanFiction)

Hi i'm Andy Sheeran you might know the last name by the famous singer Ed Sheeran. This is my story how i fell in love with a curly hair boy named Harry. Throighout the whole story your going to find love hate and jealousy. What happens when Harry finds a girl that he likes but Niall also likes but the girls end up liking Harry? Can Niall steal her away or is she Harry's forever?


10. Movie Night and Heart Break

Andy's POV

When we reached the house i plopped down on the couch, I felt someone lift my legs and they sat down with my legs on top of them. "Who are you?!" I yelled out. "It's Zayn" he replied oh okay i said and just laid there. "Hey guys do you want to watch a movie tonight?" I asked. As long as I get to pick the movie I'm fine with it Zayn said. Everyone agreed to watch the movie I'll get the snacks I called out "me too" Niall said. "I'll go get some blankets and pillows, come with me Harry and give me a hand" Ed said. Harry and Ed headed upstairs for the pillows and blankets, while me and Niall got the snacks. "Hey Andy do you mind if i invite my friend over?" Niall asked. No its fine go right ahead I said while grabbing the bag of miniature size candy and twizzlers. Niall grabbed three bowls: 1) for the popcorn 2) for the chips and 3) for the miniature size candy. We took the bowls in the living room and set them on the table he said he was going to make a call. I went back in the kitchen to grab some drinks as i opened the refridgerator I felt a pair of arms around my waist and someones warm breath on my ear "I'll help you babe" said Harry. He let go of me and took some water bottles I reached in and grabbed some pop. When we were walking back in there was a knock on the door. I'll get it screamed Niall I stopped to see who was at the door and my might I say she was stunning. She had creamy brown skin, pretty brown eye, and shoulder length hair that was black and had blonde highlights. Niall brought the girl in and told everyone to come in to get introduced. "Hey guys this is Ilyvia, Ilyvia this is Zayn, Liam, Louis, Ed, Harry and Andy" he said. Hi we all said in unison. Hey guys she said quietly her voice was beautiful. I got a little upset that Niall had brought a girl here I don't know if he was doing this to make me jealous or not but it worked. Why am I feeling like this I have Harry I can't let Niall know he's getting to me. "Ahh I feel so lonely, I have nobodyy, I want my babyyy!!!" Louis sang we laughed at him and got ready for the movie. "Hey guys where's your bathroom?" Ilyvia asked. I'll show I was just on my way up I said. We got up and walked towards the stairs "hurry back" said Niall. We laughed and continued walking I pointed her to the bathroom and changed my clothes. I got into a pair of sweat pants and a tank top and went back down stairs.

Ed's POV

When Niall told us all to come and meet his guest I was surprised to see my mystery girl again. He introduced us and I learned that her name was Ilyvia something different and pretty. We were all introduced and we went into the living room where we all sat on the couch, waiting for the movie to be picked. As we were waiting I kept staring at her admiring her outer beauty and her angelic voice. She asked to use the restroom Andy showed her the way. After they were gone I said Niall she's a beauty, "Yeah" everyone chimed in. Thanks guys I think I'm gonna take her out on a date tomorrow sothat I can get to know her better I think I want to ask her out but it's to soon. We all got quiet when she walked back in the room. Niall whispered something in her ear and she started giggling she has the cutest giggle. I looked around at all the guys and they were practically drooling over her except Harry who seemed to be on his phone. He started laughing when he put his phone down. "Hey mate whats so funny?" I asked. He kept laughing and he said all of you check your twitter. I opened my twitter and saw a picture of Ilyvia smiling and the rest of us looking at her, with love in our eyes. At the same time Liam, Louis, and Zayn phone was ringing. "it's Eleanor, Danielle, Perri!!" they yelled out at the same time. That's weird they all call at the same time. The boys walked off to have privacy leaving me, Niall, Harry and Ilyvia. "So Ilyvia where are you from?" I asked. "I'm from Missouri but recently moved here, because it's always been my dream" she said. So do you like it here so far?" I asked. "Yeah it's just like i imagined it beautiful and peaceful" she said. "Like you" Niall said. She blushed and put her head down smiling. The boys came back in looking shocked. What happened guys i asked. "Danielle, Perrie wants to break up" Liam and Zayn said at the same time. "Why would they want to do that?" Ilyvia asked. "Well Harry took a picture of us smiling at you while you were laughing and the girls took it the wrong way" Louis said while scratching the back of his neck. "Oh I'm sorry to hear that" she said. Well this is awkward everyone just staring around. Andy came back down and looked confused as to why the sad faces. "I'll explain later" Harry said as she sat down. Well this is already weird.

Ilyvia's POV

I feel bad knowing I'm the cause of the boys break up. I know what type of hate I'm getting ready to recieve. I dropped my head and picked up my phone to check the time it was now 9:50 pm. I lifted my head and said "It's getting late, I think I should get going. I picked up my bag and headed towards the door with Niall on my heels. "Why are you leaving?" he asked. It's getting late Niall and I feel awkard knowing I'm the cause of the boys break up. He cupped my face and said "Ilyvia babe, you aren't the cause of their break up Liam and Zayn was already on the verge of breaking up anyways so it has nothing to do with you. Your just something beautiful and we can't help but stare. I blushed and looked he lifted my chin with his index finger and kissed me I was a bit surprised but gave in and kissed back. As we were kissing we heard Andy come down the stairs and we pulled apart. "Oh don't let me stop you from what you were she said a bit bitchy. Okay Niall text me before you go to sleep i said. "Oh come say bye to the guys" he insisted. I walked back into the living room and said bye guys I'm heading out. "Awww" they said unison. "We don't want you to go" Zayn said while engulfing me in a hug. The rest of the boys got up and hugged me and that left Andy. "Bye Ilyvia" she said to me in a happy mood. Bye Andy i said. "Hey Ilyvia do think I could have your number I would like to hang out with you sometime?" Andy asked. Yeah sure I replied she handed me her phone and I gave her mine. "Bye love she said to me" bye see you guys soon. I began walking away when Niall grabbed my wrist I turned around and looked up at him. "Did you forget about me?" he asked. I smiled showing off my dimples and said no. With that being said he bent down and  kissed me. I puting this one on twitter too Harry said. I laughed and said bye to everyone again. "Hey Ilyvia whats your twitter name?" Harry asked. It's @LDCAT I replied. What does that stand for Andy asked. It means Love Don't Cost A Thing. Oh that's clever Ed said. After I told them the meaning I left and drove home.

Zayn' POV

I honestly didn't mind Perrie calling and breaking up with me I just put the act on for Ilyvia and it looked liked it work. I think we made her feel bad so she was ready to go. Niall talked to her for a bit Andy came back in and sat next to Harry and they began cuddling. When did they happen I thought to myself they were so cute together. Not to long Ilyvia and Niall walked back in announcing that she was heading back home. I walked up to her and engulfed her in a hug and said "We don't want you to go. I let go and the rest of the boys got up and hugged her. She exchanged numbers with Andy and was gone. Maybe I should hit on  her friend.

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