My brother Ed Sheeran (Harry styles FanFiction)

Hi i'm Andy Sheeran you might know the last name by the famous singer Ed Sheeran. This is my story how i fell in love with a curly hair boy named Harry. Throighout the whole story your going to find love hate and jealousy. What happens when Harry finds a girl that he likes but Niall also likes but the girls end up liking Harry? Can Niall steal her away or is she Harry's forever?


25. Carnival

Ed's POV

Me and Niam were the first ones done getting ready, actually harry and Andy were so we were second... anyways same difference. "Is everyone ready? I'm ready to go get on some rides" I yelled to no one in particular. "Calm down Ed we're ready. Your worst than Aaliyah and she's the kid here." Andy said scooping up Aaliyah. "Yeah Ed, your worst than me" Aaliyah said pointing to herself. We laughed at her and decided on car arrangements. "Okay in my car is Nia and Aaliyah. In Andy's car is Harry, Niall, and Ilyvia. And in Ed's car is Niam, Zayn, and Tasha." Liam said. "Let's go,let's go" me and Aaliyah kept chanting together. "Alright lets get the kids to the carnival then" Zayn said walking towards the door. "EXCUSE ME!" Louis shouted. "What?" Liam asked. "Did you guys completely forget about me and Eleanor?! You didn't assign us to a car Liam" he yelled. We laughed for a little bit until we noticed they weren't laughing. We cleared ourselves up and came back down to reality. "Okay Louis, you and Eleanor in the car with me" Liam said trying not to laugh again. "Well it's nice for you to offer, but we'll be taking my car" Louis said strolling out the house with El behind him. "Well then what was the fuss for?" Niam asked. We all started laughing again while walking out the house.


"Yay we're here, we're here!" I said bouncing in my seat while pulling into the parking space next to Liam. I looked over and saw Aaliyah doing the same "look guys" I said pointing out the window. "Maybe you two should go on all the rides together." Zayn said getting out the car. Soon we were all out the car and in a group. "Okay so how are we doing this?" Niam asked. "What do you mean?" Louis asked with a little bit of sass. "I mean are we all staying together or are we splitting up in groups?" she asked laughing a little bit. I loved her laugh it was so beautiful like her. "I think we should split in groups let do a count" Liam said. "There's 13 of us so lets split into two groups of 6 one with 7 and that's me" Liam said looking around. "Sounds reasonable" El said. "Okay we need the responsible ones as the captions. So Liam and Ed will be the captions" Harry said. "Okay captions pick your people" Louis said pointing at us. "Okay I pick, Nia and Aaliyah of course, Lou and El, and Niall and Ilyvia" Liam said motioning for his group to come over. "Alright then that leaves me with Niam, Zayn and Tasha, and Harry and Andy" I said walking over to my group who was already together. "Hey! I wanted to get on a Aride with Aaliyah" I said pouting. "Now I'm starting to think I should be caption" Harry said. "No!" lets just go.

Andy's POV

I was in a group with my brother which was cool, feels like I haven't really got to hang out with him. "Hey Ed, lets take them on the scariest ride" I said rubbing my hands together and attempting an evil laugh. "Haha babe just give it up" Harry said successfully doing the evil laugh. I glared at him and pulled him behind me to the scariest ride in the park, with everyone following behind me. "Andy you sure they're ready for this?" Ed asked acting evil. "Oh I think they are" I said following along with him. "You guys are scaring me. How scary is this ride?" Niam asked grabbing on to Ed's arm. "I'll protect" Ed said pulling her in for a hug. They're so cute together. I found myself smiling at them and didn't noticed that I was pulled on the ride. "Okay you have to sit for to a seat so group up" the boy said. Me and Harry sat next to Tasha and Zayn, while Ed and Niam sat across from us next to no one. "Is this seat taking said a familiar voice.

Zayn's POV

I was cuddling Tasha until I heard that voice that told me not to long ago that this isn't over. I looked up and saw Perrie and Tom. "Babe just ignore them they're going to try to do anything to piss me off but because your here I think I'll be fine" I said rubbing Tasha's hand. She looked like she was going to explode any minute now. "Go ahead I guess" Ed said awkwardly rubbing his neck. They took a seat and I looked back up glaring at Perrie. "I told you this wasn't over" she mouthed to me. I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked over to see Tasha telling me to lean down a bit. "Zayn what does she mean this isn't over? This is her second time saying this" Tasha whispered in my ear. How did she know about the first time? "I don't know what she meant by it, but just stay close to me and if you have to use the bathroom take one of the girls or all, just don't go anywhere alone" I whispered back in her ear. She nodded her head and pecked my cheek.

Harry's POV

I don't know what's going on but I saw Perrie tell Zayn "I told you this wasn't over" Ijust hope no one gets hurt we're just trying to have fun and take a break from everything. "Did you see that?" I asked Andy. She nodded her head. "Everywhere Tasha go me and the rest of the girls are going to make sure nothing happens to her" Andy said staring Perrie down.

Niam's POV

I don't know what's going on I just everyone sharing awkward glances and looking a bit scared. The ride finally started and I grabbed on to Ed's arm for dear life as the ride kept shooting back and forward and doing all these twists. Ed pulled me closer kissing my head a couple of times to reassure me. I looked across and saw Zayn, Tasha, Andy, and Harry laughing at me. I know for sure I'm not the only that's scared.

Liam's POV

We decided to take Aaliyah to the Merri-Go-Round since she was little she might have been scared of the more thriller rides. "Ooo I wanna go on this too!" Louis and Niall exclaimed at the same time. We laughed at the two childishness and watched as Louis picked Aaliyah up and put her on the white horse she wanted to get on, while he got on a brown one next to her and Niall got on the black one behind her. When the ride started we saw all three of them bouncing up and down on the horses and started laughing. "Those two are a mess" Nia said smiling. I loved seeing her smile it was beautiful, like her of course. I grabbed Nia by her waist and puller her close to me. She wrapped her arms around my waist and looked up at me. I looked down at her and smiled, I then kissed her lips smiling into the kiss but when I pulled back and looked up I saw my worst nightmare and Zayn's worst nightmare. Nia turned and caught on to what I was looking at. Danielle and Max, and Perrie and Tom who was headed towards the ride that Zayn and everyone else was on. Let's pray that no one gets hurt.

Nia's POV

Me and Liam shared a short cute kiss but when he pulled back he looked like he had seen a ghost. I turned and saw what he was looking at Danielle and Max. "Are you okay?" I asked grabbing one of his hands. "Yeah but promise me something" he said looking down at me. "What's that" I asked looking back at him. "Promise me that if she comes over here and say something to make you feel bad that you won't believe anything she says. And promise me that if you or Aaliyah need to use the restroom that you'll take one or all the girls with you" he said cupping my face. I nodded my head and smiled. "I promise" I said hooking pinkies with him. We pulled apart when Aaliyah ran over to us telling us how fun the ride was and silly Louis was acting. Liam picked her up and we walked over to the rest of the group. "Okay guys I think we need to call the others because Danielle and Perrie are here with Max and Tom." Liam said looking around at the others. Louis's and Niall's eyes popped out of their skulls when he said that. They immediately dialed the others but it was no use because they were making their way over. "We know Perrie is here with Tom" Zayn calmly said but looking angry. "Danielle is here too and she's with Max" Liam said. I looked up and saw Danielle and Perrie looking over smirking, so I bumped Liam's shoulder and nodded my head in the direction and put my head down. "They're looking over here smirking" Liam said growing angry. "Mommy I have to use the bathroom" Aaliyah said doing the potty dance. "All of us are going together because I have to go to" Andy said. I grabbed Aaliyah's hand and followed the girls to the restroom with the boys on our heels. We all used the restroom at the same time and got out of the stall at the same time. When I stepped out the stall my heart dropped.

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