My brother Ed Sheeran (Harry styles FanFiction)

Hi i'm Andy Sheeran you might know the last name by the famous singer Ed Sheeran. This is my story how i fell in love with a curly hair boy named Harry. Throighout the whole story your going to find love hate and jealousy. What happens when Harry finds a girl that he likes but Niall also likes but the girls end up liking Harry? Can Niall steal her away or is she Harry's forever?


1. Andy Sheeran

Hi i'm Andy Sheeran. I look just like Ed Sheeran thats because im his little sister.

I get bullied alot just like my brother, i get bullied because they say my brother is gay and that i'am a slut.

I'm 19 years old and have never had a boyfriend EVER.

Me and my brother have the best brother and sister relationship ever.

When our parents divorced me and ed got more closer than ever befor.

I only have 6 friends they are Harry Zayn Louis Niall Liam and Perrie and of coarse my brother 

Thats all you need too know about me for now,  

Andy is the girl in the picture.

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