Forbidden and Denied Love

Cameron and Sydney had two completely different lives until they are brought together. Cameron is the guy in school that almost everyone knows, but he isn't the popular one. He has long black hair, with purple eyes. He is really outgoing, which is a good thing because he is moving.. To a new state. Sydney on the other hand, is pretty shy, only a little bit of the school knows of her. She has long brown hair with icy blue eyes. A lot of people give her compliments, but she denies them. She is one of the prettiest girls in school, but she doesn't believe anyone when they tell her that, thanks to her low self-esteem.


1. Cameron Michael Connery

Cameron is an average seventeen year old, except that he lives alone, because his parents fored him to move far away, a whole new state to be exac. Luckily , the house they gave him was completely paid off, but he still has a job. He works at a tattoo and piercing shop, for now, but plays soccer and football, hoping to get a scholarship.he is a very outgoing person, easily making new friends. When he moves to Louisiana from Florida he has slight troubles getting around, since he had only been there a few times when he was little, so he needs some help. The person the school assigns that task to, Sydney. One of the most shy girls in school. Although Cameron isn't the most popular guy in school, he had plenty of friends, and intends to make just as many here. He had a girlfriend, but broke up with her when he found out he was moving. Although she is helping him, Cameron and Sydney hardly speak to each other.




(Majority of the time, I, Jake_From_Statefarm, will be in charge of chapters in his P.O.V.)

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