Forbidden and Denied Love

Cameron and Sydney had two completely different lives until they are brought together. Cameron is the guy in school that almost everyone knows, but he isn't the popular one. He has long black hair, with purple eyes. He is really outgoing, which is a good thing because he is moving.. To a new state. Sydney on the other hand, is pretty shy, only a little bit of the school knows of her. She has long brown hair with icy blue eyes. A lot of people give her compliments, but she denies them. She is one of the prettiest girls in school, but she doesn't believe anyone when they tell her that, thanks to her low self-esteem.


4. Another New Kid

Sydney's POV~

I was sitting in math class boring myself to death with the Pythagorean theorem, when Mr. Kingsly called me up to his desk. 

  "The office needs you Sydney. There is new student and they want you to show him around." He said, seeming annoyed that I was leaving class.

"Okay," I said quietly taking my pass. I walked out the door and slowly made my way to the office.

I hate when I have to show the new kids around. The office chose me to do it because they thought it would help me make friends. I don't think they realize I don't want friends. I don't need people in my life.

I have always been a shy kid, but that's only because I hate people. The only person I like is my younger sister Kara. My parents hate us. They ignore us most the time. They don't abuse us, but I don't see them as being above that. I think they are the cause of my hatred for people.

"Mrs. Frank" the receptionist, Mrs. Clark, said as I entered the room.

"Hello." I said. I saw a boy near her desk. He had longish brown hair and brown eyes.

"Hi," he said holding his hand out to me, "Name's Cameron."

"Sydney" I said shaking his hand.

"Sydney!" the principal, Mr. Mark, said entering the room. "This is Cameron Connery. He lives just down the street from you. You are going to show him around. Take as long as you need Cameron." He then exited.

"Well go you two!" Mrs. Clark said seeming annoyed that we were still there.

Cameron and I walked into the hallway.

"So, let me see your schedule," I said. He handed it to me and smiled. 

"So you live near me. That's cool." He said.

"I guess," I said looking at his schedule. We had the exact same classes. Wow, this school really annoys me.

"Do you have a sister?" he asked.

"How did you know?" I asked slightly confused. Why would he know that?

"I saw a girl that looked sorta like you a few weeks ago. I guess it was you." he said.

"I guess," I shrugged, "Let's go to your first class."

"Okay," he said, "You know, I like this school already. It's so clean. And all the office people seem so nice."

"I guess," I shrugged again. He's so talkative.

"You don't talk much," he says.

Just then we reached his first class, science.

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