Kissed by a thief

Angelique (Angie) Campbell has always wanted to find true love. There was just one problem....she hates guys. Then at the coffee shop she meets this guy and finds one thing out HE'S THE WORST. She absolutely hates him!! But when the world-known thieves THE BLACK FOXES make a visit, he is one of them and he takes her first kiss?! Not to mention that she has to go with him to find out her family secret?! Will spending her time around these three thieves make her hate guys even more? Or will her heart get stolen by a thief?


2. My mistake?

Dell was walking as the streetlights flicked when he passed them. Why did this happen every time? A voice answered from somewhere inside his head.

   You know why, you are me. I live inside you. Through you. And you can't help but fear and hate yourself because of this fact.

He kicked a street lamp and it fell over. "Oops, gotta control my kicks more." He continued walking for a half hour or so when he stopped in front of an apartment building and took out a slip of paper.

      325 Sydney Street

       room 115 level 5

     10:00 gets off work

He looked at his watch, 10:15, she should be comfortable by now. He climbed up the window sills without effort and landed in front of a window. then opened it and got in. he was greeted with complete and utter silence. he searched the apartment room for a bedroom and crept into it with ease, he'd been into more dangerous situations than this. he just needed to steal something and get out with it. simple, really. He snuck up to her and put his hand over her mouth. she began to kick and attempted a scream which was not audible. he winced as she bit her hand.

   "shut up." he whispered viciously, " I wont hurt you, you just have to come with me."

    "Like hell I will" she was breathless and putting up less of a fight. then her eyes widened in realization and he smiled as her memory came back to her. "you're from the coffee shop," she whispered in disbelief. then once more viciously, "you're from the coffee shop."

     He was getting annoyed, now. He grabbed her arm more viciously, "come on, we're going."

     She looked at him in hatred, "where?"

   He just smiled. Tied a rag around her mouth and laughed, barely audible with sick amusement. "you'll see when we get there.

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