Kissed by a thief

Angelique (Angie) Campbell has always wanted to find true love. There was just one problem....she hates guys. Then at the coffee shop she meets this guy and finds one thing out HE'S THE WORST. She absolutely hates him!! But when the world-known thieves THE BLACK FOXES make a visit, he is one of them and he takes her first kiss?! Not to mention that she has to go with him to find out her family secret?! Will spending her time around these three thieves make her hate guys even more? Or will her heart get stolen by a thief?


1. Coffee Anyone?

              "crap! I'm late!" Angelique quickly stood up and shoved her book in her  bag. "I promised to meet Seth at the coffee shop today in, like, five minutes!" She was running out the door now. "Bye Tiff! See you later!"

             Fifteen minutes later she entered the café. "You're late by nearly ten minutes." Said Seth, eyeing his watch. "New record" he looked at her as if she was trying to convince him her sixteen-year-old brother ran down Main Street naked except a thong and bra singing 'I'm a happy unicorn", which, knowing her brother, was impossible. He sat down with an exaggerated sigh and fake amusement in his eyes. "So tell me, how did you get here so early?"  he over exaggerated the word early.

            She smiled and sat down across from him. "I have my secrets" she said and held her finger up to her mouth with a wink.

She took the extra cup out of his hand.

           He tried his best to look offended. "That was for my girlfriend getting sugar right now."

           As if on cue Angelique looked up and saw Stacy walking toward them with another cup of coffee. She smiled and went to get sugar for that cup, too. When someone walked into her. Causing her to spill coffee all over herself.

          "Hey!" the man yelled."Watch where you're going! I paid good money for this shirt and you just ruined it! Do you have any idea how much these shirts cost?! Well it doesn't matter because you're paying double!"Stacy was speechless.

           That's it. Angelique couldn't just sit by and watch this. She ran up to the scene. "You should be the one to apologize! Watch where you're going next time! You ran into her!"

          The boy was no older than her with ink-black hair and piercing silver eyes. With a snarl he walked away. She went over to Stacy and handed her jacket over to her. "Take this for now."

         "Thanks" said Stacy with a smile. "I owe you that one."


           "Yeah I am sure it's her. Looks just like the her mom."

           Get her at all costs except any possible death.

          Dell smiled, he was going to enjoy the hunt. "I will boss" With a smirk and an evil twinkling in his eyes he hung up. "This will be fun."





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