Kissed by a thief

Angelique (Angie) Campbell has always wanted to find true love. There was just one problem....she hates guys. Then at the coffee shop she meets this guy and finds one thing out HE'S THE WORST. She absolutely hates him!! But when the world-known thieves THE BLACK FOXES make a visit, he is one of them and he takes her first kiss?! Not to mention that she has to go with him to find out her family secret?! Will spending her time around these three thieves make her hate guys even more? Or will her heart get stolen by a thief?


3. Bastard

         She spent the next fifteen minutes riding uncomfortably on the shoulder she was thrown over. She gave up fighting five minutes ago and they were now in complete silence except the sound of footsteps. She sighed and looked up at the sky. He had removed the gag after making it very clear that if she tried anything he would cut her tongue off and feed it to the cats.   "How much longer?" She was too tired to show any resentment in her voice.

           "About twenty minutes," he said with a cocky grin, if he was tired he wasn't showing it, " You know you're heavy as hell... what do you eat?" He exaggerated it as if to tease her.

         She expertly dodged the question. "I am not too sure...what about you?"

          He was silent for a moment then chuckled, " Since when are you interested in my diet? So instead of being the bad guy I am the hottie?"

       She acted embarrassed, " I don't know... if you were you wouldn't be carrying me like this?" She played with the rope around her wrists.

     She heard a sigh of defeat. he set her down and untied her wrists. "If you try anything I will catch you and get your tongue."       He smiled and took a knife out of his pocket to show he wasn't joking.

      She walked for about five minutes and fell behind him. She was about three feet behind him and ran as fast as she could the other way. She immediately felt  hands wrap around her waist. She looked up to see a snarling man.

     He recomposed himself and laughed. "Now for that tongue." She knew she couldn't fight him so she squeezed her eyes closed. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against him. She opened her eyes in surprise. He grinned, "never said how I would take it." He pressed his lips against hers  then he forced his tongue into her mouth and wrestled her tongue. Her knees gave out as she struggled to breathe. The only thing that held her up was him. He finally pulled away. She nearly fell down only to be caught by strong arms as he swung her up into his arms.

      She looked at him in resent. "That was my first kiss you bastard"


        He looked down and smiled cockily at her. "I can see why..." He looked ahead of him, nearly skipping. " Anyways, you are now my woman."

      She looked up, "WHAT?!"

      His grinned wider, "Trust me, you'll thank me later."

     She closed her eyes and wondered what she had just gotten herself into.



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