Morality Check

When you wake up in your home, a metal bunker a mile under the surface, you continue on with your day. But what happens tomorrow will uproot you and send you outside.


1. Rules and Overview

Rules and Overview:


Hello, and welcome to Morality Check. This is a choose your own adventure story, and you can either play from your character's morality or yours. You don't have to choose just A, B or C, just what you think you / your character would do. The ending is determined by the way you played / read, and can be changed by seemingly trivial decisions.


This is morality driven, and you can affect the story with actions.

For example:

You are walking down the street when you are approached by a muscular bully. He asks to "Borrow" you wallet. You...

A: Hit his ugly face to back where it came.

B: Try to befriend him, he seems to be lonely.

C: Run as fast as you can in the other direction.


Those decisions might affect how the bully helps you / doesn't help you during the story.

For example, with B, he may assist you in fighting off a mob of people angry at one of your decisions.

With A however, he may join in with the crowd.

With C though, he wouldn't have an opinion.


Most of all, the one important rule is to enjoy the story!

Your adventure begins next chapter.

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