Morality Check

When you wake up in your home, a metal bunker a mile under the surface, you continue on with your day. But what happens tomorrow will uproot you and send you outside.


2. Childhood.


Your fondest memories.

When you were just developing, making the choices that would last the rest of you life.

Developing your personality, and your friends.

Your earliest memory is the first day, when you were late to class in the school section of the bunker.

That's where you met your friends.


        "Alright now. Where would you like to sit on the carpet? There are 3 different colors. Do you know which colors they are?"

        "Yes!"  you exclaim excitedly. "Blue, Yellow, and Red!"

        "Good! You'll do great here." she states clearly, making sure you can hear. "Now, where would you like to sit?"


        You have 3 choices, each with different looking kids that would most likely become friends with you. You sit at...

A: Red, they look like they'd enjoy a good game of baseball, same as you. (Read Childhood A)

B: Blue, They look like they'd help you as long as you help them, which you like to do. (Read Childhood B)

C: Yellow, They look like fun, although they seem to be very careful. You'd fit right in. (Read Childhood C)

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