Morality Check

When you wake up in your home, a metal bunker a mile under the surface, you continue on with your day. But what happens tomorrow will uproot you and send you outside.


3. Childhood A




You decide to sit at the red square, near some of the athletic children. They all are a bit reclusive at first, but they start to include you. One asks you if you like to play sports, and you happily squeal yes. From there, your friendship stems with two friends, Gregory and Veronica. Gregory is a Linebacker for the West Quarter's football team, and Veronica is the pitcher for the Western softball team. You all get along well, and have a very close bond.


Gregory is a bit headstrong, but is a very good friend to have in a tight spot.


Veronica is very competitive, and tries to best anyone in her way, other than her friends.


All in all, you had a very exciting childhood, one that built up your muscles, and made you aggressive by nature.


That aggression will aid you today when you leave your home.

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