My Summer Love<3

Anna and her friends Haley and Cj are going to the beach for the summer.
Will they meet a famous boy band and have a summer love?


3. From good to great

After we got our bathing suits on we headed down to the beach. Haley set her chair u and started tanning and me and Cj headed straight for the water. We danced around to one directions what makes you beautiful on the radio that Haley had brought out and was blaring. Me and Cj finished the song as the radio host came on he said,"hello Florida this is 96.5 kiss fm bringing you your summer tunes next on the track is my boys one direction with their song best song ever". The song came on and Haley joined us on the beach we were dancing and playing around having so much fun. Next thing we know our radio get shut off. I turn and said," hey!". When I looked at who it's was I was ok with them turning off the radio they could just sing it themselves. Yes standing only 5ft from me and the girls was no other then one direction. Harry had turned the radio off was now staring at me."Sorry did we bother you guys we were just dancing around",I said."no no we love to see our fans having fun to our music but we wanted to know if we could join you", Liam said."Of course who wouldn't", Haley said as Louis just drooled over her. Harry turned the radio back on and walked up to me. By this time their son they don't know about us was on."Can I have this dance",Harry said holding out his hand. I replied with a nod and taking his hand. He put his hands on my hips and I put mine around his neck.(harry=h anna=a)

"H=so what is your name


H=what a beautiful name it fits you

A=thank you

H=so how long have you been in Florida

A=not long really we got here this morning We just graduated and me family bought me this house since next year I will be going to Florida state

H=aw what are you going to study

A=music to be exact I wanted to go to Juliard in New York but I couldn't afford it

H=I'm sorry

A=it's ok

H=why did you want to go there

A=my aunt has cancer and if I can get discovered I could pay for her treatment but when I went to the audition I froze and the only way to get in is to audition or pay for it and it seems like I can't do either

H=maybe I can teach you how

A=you would do that

H=of course

A=thank you

H=I find it funny that we talk like we have know each other for years

A=I have but you haven't

H=yea that is true"

Harry started to lean in and I closed my eyes and he did too. We about to kiss when we heard screaming fans. We all ran for the beach house. When we got in we closed the doors locked them and ran into the basement.

"H=that was close


H=where were we"

Harry grabbed me and crashed his lips into mine. When we released everyone oooo and awed. We just laughed and sat in the basement hearing the boys singing and listening to bad ghost story's from Louis.

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