My Summer Love<3

Anna and her friends Haley and Cj are going to the beach for the summer.
Will they meet a famous boy band and have a summer love?


2. First day of our summer

We just got off the plane ride,which Haley slept through. Florida was so beautiful during summer. The heat plus the ocean and add the hot shirtless guys and you have a great place. After we got out of the airport we all climbed into the rental car. Haley wanted to go straight to the beach,but what she didn't known was the house I got for the summer is a beach house. I started the engine and drove to our house. When we finally got there Haley has happy she loved the fact that our house was on the beach. We all got out of the car,got our bags,and ran for the front door. I unlocked the door and I headed for my room. The best thing is this house was a graduation present from my father my aunt had come down here two months in advance and fixed the bedrooms up for me and my friends so all we needed to do was find the door with our names on it. When I finally found mine I pushed the door to reveal a purple room. I had a queen sized bed that sat in the middle of the room. I had a dresser and a desk on each side of the bed. I walked in and opened another door to reveal my own bathroom. I sat my stuff down on my bed and turned to see curtains with light shinning through. When I pulled the curtain away it was a little balcony with a small chair and a table. I walked back in and unpacked my clothes into the right drawers and I put my shoes by the door. I unpacked my makeup and bathroom stuff in my new bathroom. After I was done with my room I went to see the others. I saw there was two rooms with guest written on the door which means those were two bedrooms I could have for any friends we made here. At the end of the hall was Cj. I knocked on her door to reveal the exact same layout of my room just minus the bathroom the balcony and purple. Her room was black and white and her bed was a little bit smaller but not by much and her bed was a water bed. She also had an extra dresser. She had everything unpacked except her makeup. We decided to got to Haley so we could find the main bathroom. Haley was across from a guest room. We knocked and she yelled," Come in". We walked in and her room was ocean blue. She had seashells all over the room and her dresser was this sand color and her bed was a swinging queen bed. She didn't have a bathroom or a balcony but she did have a good sized window."hey Haley love the room",I said as she finished putting her clothes away."I know your aunt out did her self",Haley said. She grabbed her makeup bag."The only bad thing is I don't have a bathroom to have my makeup at",haley said."I have a bathroom and I know the downstairs bathroom is for guest so let's find the upstairs one",I said walking out of the room with Haley and Cj behind me. We finally found the upstairs bathroom and when we walked in there was two sinks one side had Haley on it the other had Cj. They unpacked their makeup and we walked down stairs. We decide to eat before we went out to the beach. When my aunt came to finish the house she had stocked up our food supply. I grabbed some marshmallows and biscuits as Haley and Cj watched me with worried eyes. I grabbed the butter and some dr.pepper,mellow yellow,and coke zero. I opened the biscuits and flattens them out but not to much. I then buttered them and added two marshmallows to each biscuit. Once I had all of them rolled up I put them in the oven. While I was waiting for the biscuits to be done I made a glass of mellow yellow for me and dr.pepper for Cj and coke zero for Haley. When I checked the biscuits they were done. I took them out and let them cool off while I turned the oven off. I grabbed three plates and added two to each. When I payed the plates down Haley and Cj attacked their food."Anna these are amazing what are they",Haley asked while her mouth was full."Vanishing breakfast rolls now stop talking with your mouth full the beach will always be here but you won't if you don't slow down and chew", I said as we all erupted into laughter. After we got done we headed upstairs to change into out bathing suits. This was the first day of our great summer.



Hey everyone I'm so sorry for not updating but I got a new phone which its a iPhone 5c and I can update better now. I am having to write this all out now but don't worry it will be better than what I had written out already. Please like this book and don't be afraid to tell me what you guys think of the book but please be nice. Well guys I'm back. BYE!!!!!

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