A gay love story. Yes. Movellas needs more of these (I've never actually seen one)


2. Ristretto


Five days were left before the start of another school year. I'd seen him once, but that one time was enough. There was something in the way he had looked at me, some pretty-darn-close to invisible thing in his eyes, a tiny thing that just made me fall for him, in a way, that even now, I can't understand. I've met hotter guys and girls, sexier ones even, everything, but only  he has that look. That beautiful look. 


*   *   *


I went back to the coffeehouse, with a sliver of hope, a tiny hope that I might just catch another glimpse of him. I didn't now anything about him, except that he was from Connecticut, and had moved recently. I feared one thing, still afraid that he would not accept me, that he would be disgusted by who I was. I overcame the thought with a nice glass of wine, at five a.m., just before I headed down to the coffeehouse again. 


You can call it luck, or whatever you want, but walking on the crowded streets of the small plaza, I saw him among the crowd. I saw, for a fleeting moment, on his wrist, the thing that made me confident, the thing that assured me that I had a shot: it was a rainbow bracelet. That global sign of support and friendship gave me the courage I needed. i picked up my pace, hurried through the streets, almost running to the coffeehouse, wishing to arrive seconds before him. 


I barely did. I burst in, and smelled that wonderful smell that all decent coffee places have. I ordered a slice of apple pie, and a cappuccino, and headed to the upper floor, where I would see him come in. By the time I got there, he was already ordering something, a latte, and a chocolate muffin. His voice, his accent, they fit perfectly, a beautiful harmony. As I hoped, he came upstairs, and sat, without seeing me (or at least pretending), he sat in the other side of the room, an old worn couch. I walked over to him holding my breath, trying to put on a relaxed a look. Of course, I failed and started grinning 


–WTF dude?, he said

–Oh...,I just remembered the last time I saw you, I replied

–Yeah, I'm not a heavy drinker, more of a wine person, but can't do it now that mom's at home all day long. Anyway, what's your name? Mine's Poseidon.

–What!? Like, you know, the god.

–Yeah. Dad's a grecophile. My sister's name is Athena.

–Weren't they supposed to be bitter enemies? I'm Kurt by the way.

–Do you, by any chance happen to attend John Creek High?

–Yep, I'm entering as a freshman, you?

–Same, man! Cool, any idea what it's like?

–Well, my  cousin passed through there some years ago, and they have this super-secret prank they play on incoming freshmen every year, and its apparently hilarious. It's a pretty small school, and given that this isn't a large town, I have some friends that are going there too. So, am I the first person you meet here? 

–Eeeh, yeah, 'cept for my parent's friends.

–Does he work at the Uni?

–Yeah, philosophy department, mom at MFA writing program.

–Cool. My parents are lawyers. Boooring!


And so it began. A friendship at first, a lifelong relationship later.




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