A gay love story. Yes. Movellas needs more of these (I've never actually seen one)


1. Prologue: Decaf

It started at the coffeehouse, that small little place that you have to try at least once. Best coffee on earth. Period. Anyway, I was a regular by the first time I saw him there; I went every time my parents fought, I got depressed, or had to write something. So, pretty much every single day. 


I was sitting at my usual corner, the upper floor, close to the window, waiting for a delicious sugar-free mokaccino and a blueberry muffin, when a small laughter came from downstairs. I recognized it immediately of course, it was that cute barista's: a strong and long first laugh followed by a rapid series of shorter laughs. Curious as always, I crept downstairs to see what was going on, and I saw that some idiot newcomer in a top hat had tried to order decaf. Being te die-hard coffee drinker that I am, I giggled. And he turned. It would be the first time I saw those eyes, those eyes that are the color of the last words of your favorite novel. He was smiling that smile you get when you feel really embarrassed and proud at the same time. 


Having already interrupted a conversation, I had to step in.


-Joe, just give him that very dark toast,  It gives like no buzz at all!,   i said grinning really awkwardly

-'Kay. Still funny tho, a decent coffeehouse serving decaf. Huh! , laughed Joe, Bixby, the twenty-something barista

-Sorry, sorry, I'm new in town, don't know the customs or anything!, protested the stranger

-Connecticut?, I asked

-Yep, he replied


I'll hold the memory forever. I don't even remember what I was doing in the coffeehouse that day. I know, that it was his first day in town, a month before his birthday, three weeks before we first kissed, two before I came out to him (and him only), one before school started, a day before he told his parents he had fallen for me.


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